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Outside-The-Box Wellness Tips Worth Trying In 2023 & Beyond

The New Year is the best time to revisit your health goals and refresh your resolutions. But most people end up sticking with the basics, such as eating a balanced diet, working out daily, and keeping stress at bay. You probably follow these essentials anyway, so framing new resolutions around them does not make sense. Moreover, trying something different can actually amplify the outcomes of your regular wellness initiative. Consider embracing an unconventional approach to diet, fitness, and stress management this year with some unique ideas. Let us share some outside-the-box wellness tips worth trying in 2023 and beyond.

Declutter your surroundings

Surprisingly, your surroundings affect your mood and health, so they deserve as much attention as you can give. Start the New Year by decluttering your living space to create more space for positive energy. Pick all extra stuff in your rooms, kitchen, attic, and closets and eliminate it sooner than later. You can donate the good stuff and put the rest in the trash. Also, commit to steering clear of the hoarding mindset for good. If you fail to do it, you will probably gather clutter again sooner than later. Follow the same process at your workspace, whether you work from home or the office. Declutter your digital space as well by deleting redundant emails, purging duplicate files, and organizing everything else. A regular decluttering schedule boosts your wellness.

Purge your mind

Besides decluttering your home and office, you must also purge your mind. It entails clearing out all negative emotions and patterns to create space for positive ones. In fact, you must embrace the practice as a part of your daily life because it sets you up to become the healthier version of yourself. Meditation and journaling are the best ways to clear mental clutter, so consider starting your day with either or both. Alternatively, you can set aside a few minutes for them in the evening.

Consider one healthy diet swap every month

Most people commit to following a diet, but meal plans can get boring within a few months. You may want to give up on such measures at some point. But considering one healthy diet swap every month is a more realistic approach. For example, you can ditch processed foods and move to home-cooked, fresh meals in the first month. Eliminating sugar from your diet and opting for a healthier alternative like honey is also a good idea. Monthly swaps are actionable because they do not bring drastic changes to your diet. You can continue them or tailor your diet according to your needs once you understand what works for you.

Give up unnecessary medicines

Besides correcting your diet, you can try giving up unnecessary medicines in 2023. Medicines like over-the-counter painkillers, sleeping pills, and anxiety drugs are usually unnecessary. You can manage without them or opt for healthier alternatives. Cannabis can cover all these conditions holistically and without side effects. Besides being safe and effective, cannabis is also legal now. You can explore the legacy smoke shop to pick a product variant to address your condition and expectations. Although you cannot give up on essential medicines, try eliminating all the extras you can live without.

Turn off your smartphone

Another outside-the-box tip worth trying this New Year is to turn off your smartphone. Although the device keeps you connected, going too far does more harm than good. Imagine the downsides of the daily habit of checking your smartphone for work emails and messages. You may feel anxious and cultivate a reactive mind. A digital detox every evening resets your inner peace and control and detaches you from technology. So commit to turning off your smartphone before bedtime and restart it only before leaving for work.

Exercise outdoors

You can opt for outdoor exercise instead of gym workouts and indoor sessions to enhance your fitness in 2023 and beyond. Outdoor workouts have benefits beyond physical fitness. They also boost mental wellness by fostering connection with nature. The fresh air improves respiratory health, while the sunshine replenishes vitamin D levels. You also feel happy in the green surroundings. Another advantage of outdoor workouts is that they cost nothing, so you can save up on gym fees and home equipment. Adherence is also a plus point of exercising outdoors.

Set aside alone time

Setting aside alone time should also be on your self-care checklist this New Year. Although wellness experts recommend connecting with family and friends, they also highlight the therapeutic benefits of alone time. It lets you introspect and focus on inner peace instead of stressing out about other issues. You can wake up an hour early to make extra time for yourself. Combining your alone time with other self-care activities like exercising, reading, gardening, and painting is a good idea. You can plan a solo coffee date or shopping spree once a week and book a solo trip every year to experience the pleasure of being alone.

Discover the power of to-do lists

If you haven’t discovered the power of to-do lists, try doing it this New Year. Writing a clear to-do list for the next day relieves stress and ensures better sleep because you do not have random tasks floating in your mind. You can go the extra mile by creating priorities in the list and marking the most critical ones to close first. You get a sense of purpose each day with a proper and well-structured to-do list. Moreover, you feel a sense of accomplishment after crossing off tasks on your list.

Think beyond the basic self-care goals and measures this year because they are only the first steps. Thinking beyond the ordinary motivates you to push harder and ensures better results that stay for the long haul. The best part is that you need not do much to implement such measures. Also, you do not have to spend a fortune on expensive diets and fancy fitness programs. Embracing a creative approach to well-being is the key. Try these actionable outside-the-box ideas to achieve your wellness goals in 2023 and beyond.

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