Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 January 2023

New Zealand fascists ban New Dawn Magazine for telling the truth (the usual story in Schwab-owned Ardern’s Nazi regime where to be a ‘journalist’ you must have your backbone deleted, your balls cut off, and your brain connected to AI)

The latest edition of New Dawn Magazine has been pulled from shelves in New Zealand after ‘disinformation experts’ and journalists take aim at ‘conspiracy content’ found in the issue.

We are back for the year of 2023, and already, many things have happened in just the first week.

As the new year rolled in, it has emerged that the latest edition of New Dawn Magazine has been facing harsh criticism from the mainstream media in New Zealand; journalists and ‘disinformation experts’.

The controversy arose after it was discovered by a journalist that New Dawn Magazine was being sold in Whitcoulls, a major bookstore chain with shops across the country.

The issue, which contains an article questioning strange coincidences with the Christchurch shooting narrative, has since been under fire for ‘conspiracy content’ that “could get readers in legal trouble”:

A number of news stories, followed by harassment of the book store and a morning talk-show circuit by ‘disinformation experts’, saw the magazine soon removed from Whitcoulls.

A number of Tweets over the topic have suggested that other book stores stocking the magazine are now being targeted, a notion confirmed by New Dawn Magazine:

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