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Ancient occult societies at the heart of America’s intelligent agencies

The FBI was born under the Teddy Roosevelt administration when Congress would not give his Attorney General the secret permanent police force he was demanding.

J. Edgar Hoover – the Scottish Rite Masons’ most honoured member, second only to Albert Pike who proudly proclaimed their god, Lucifer is the god of good and light that fights against the evil God of the Christians who is against humanity – worked diligently to commit atrocities against the American people from the start. Hoover, a cross-dresser and puppet of the Masons, even established a Masonic chapter of the FBI called the Fidelity Chapter which Hoover insisted his agents refer to as the “Seat of Government.”

To this day the FBI has been a force of dictatorship domestically that made way for the Babylonian Deep State CIA to work alongside other nation’s Deep State Intelligence Agencies abroad and at home.

Matt Eheret joined American Media Periscope’s Shavon Ayala to discuss the new Canadian Patriot Review documentary called ‘The Origins of America’s Secret Police’ and the deeper intersection of secret societies and intelligence agencies.

The documentary, produced by Jason Dahl, is narrated by Ehret and is based on an essay written by Cynthia Chung.  It introduces viewers to the ancient origins of the occult societies that penetrated the heart of America’s intelligence agencies after the murder of William McKinley in 1901. These ancient occult societies have managed wars, and financial and cultural policies for over two millennia.  Read more about the documentary HERE, watch the 30-minute documentary HERE and read Chung’s essay HERE.

After discussing the essence of the Luciferian doctrine underlying the FBI, Ehret and Ayala’s discussion delved into the ancient proto-Luciferian cult of Apollo which controlled pre-Christian intelligence networks and which morphed from Babylon’s Cult of Marduk to become the dominant sect controlling the Roman Empire.

They contrasted this darkness with the philosophical concepts of Plato and Augustinian Christianity that demonstrate the ontological necessity of:

  • a reasonable and good Creator to be the architect and prima mobile of the universe, and
  • humankind created in his image and endowed with immortal souls capable of both discovering and acting upon creation.

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