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Universities Not Interested In Admitting Fault About ‘Covid’ Policies

Former White House adviser Dr. Scott Atlas, the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow in health policy at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, wrote an excellent essay recently in the Wall Street Journal. In it, he raises a vital question for all students, parents, faculty, and the broader public, as to how our nation’s university system became, along with major media, the most aggressive proponent and distributor of medical ideology and biosecurity policy. University behavior continues to be directed by the CDC and WHO, and it appears that university administration will continue its commitment to a consensus posture toward the COVID phenomenon, until another institution that it considers authoritative tells it otherwise. That is not likely to happen.

Academia will never account for its misguided COVID policies, and it will never back out of its commitment to consensus explanations or opportunities. Indeed, these people will help accelerate the entire COVID complex. COVID is a new social engineering program, and universities will make biosecurity, including molecular engineering and tracking technology, into a permanent research activity that is worth billions per year in funding and commercialization. The link connecting business, government, and higher education has never been stronger, while China-style social credit scoring, based in part on medical and ideological compliance, is considered by the current White House administration a necessary part of the political agenda.

For universities to admit that they were wrong would not only undermine their authority and risk their research funding, but also, most of all, put their senior administration in legal jeopardy. University directors, trustees, regents, and other governance bodies are keen to avoid liability, and university legal and communications departments are working overtime to shield their institutions from blowback, including vicarious liability.

Plaintiff litigation, including class action, appears to be gaining momentum, as the evidence necessary to make durable causes of action against university administration is coalescing from widespread sources (serious health complications due to vaccines, for example). Legal theories are being formed to seek damages that could easily reach in the billions of dollars. Some universities could face bankruptcy.

COVID-related damages may be the next large-scale, long-term litigation project that rivals tobacco and asbestos. The lawyers in the modern university system know that and have effectively put out a gag order to avoid university self-incrimination. But the best legal strategy they possess is to push the same COVID explanations, while actually escalating their commitment to them. They continue to expand the spectrum of biosecurity research that has penetrated nearly every department in the modern university system.

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