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10 Benefits of Utilizing an M&A Advisory Service

Mergers and acquisitions are the classic, fastest, and most reliable way of reorganizing/transforming businesses. As a result, larger companies appear on the market.

Merging the assets of two or more companies is a complex and multi-stage process that requires professional and competent management. Often, organization specialists need to gain the experience and competence to carry out similar procedures. In such a situation, the most reasonable and practical solution is to use professional help from the outside. Such a competent M&A advisory service as Waveup is ready to offer qualified and effective M&A consulting to everyone who needs it.

Reasons for Concluding an M&A Agreement:

  • Development and expansion of the company;
  • Development of new markets (release of new types of products and services);
  • Personal motives of the management team;
  • Monopolization of management;
  • Improving the quality of the company’s management;
  • Demonstration of better financial indicators to attract investors.

How Do You Benefit From Utilizing an M&A Advisory Service?

Why is M&A advisory firm so necessary? Many organizational problems cannot always be solved only by your employees’ efforts and only through their training and seminars. To understand the effectiveness of business operations, an independent and objective “view from the outside” is necessary – consulting companies can provide this. This is because employees often need to notice more apparent facts. After all, they are in a constant cycle of solving current problems.

Here is the list of actions an M&A advisory service can do for you:

  1. Conducting due diligence – checking the legal, financial, tax, and economic components (legal verification of the company’s assets, legal audit: tax liabilities, pending litigation, debts to counterparties, encumbrances on the property, etc.).
  2. Preparation of documentation for acquisition of assets/shares – documentation of takeover and merger transactions.
  3. Development of a purchase structure using option agreements (that is, until a certain point, there is an opportunity to buy more shares at a price set in the contract).
  4. Support of M&A transactions.
  5. Changing the management structure of the company (for example, the introduction of the board of directors, the supervisory board, the creation of committees, and the separation of powers between them).
  6. Creation and modification of company statutes and shareholder agreements between participants.
  7. Registration of the actual transfer of fate in state bodies.
  8. Transaction approval from antimonopoly services, if applicable (if companies that occupy a significant market share merge).
  9. The experience of industry specialists allows for competition and prompts to solve any issues related to merging, accession, and other forms of association of legal entities.
  10. Post-accompanying: Usually, the role of consultants continues after signing all transaction documents and taking the necessary actions (including registration). The post-transactional support of the client-buyer of the business is critical. The M&A company that accompanies the deals is familiar with the asset’s nuances and often attends to the legal processes for a certain period after the execution of the agreement.

Protection from Unfriendly Acquisitions

In the area of protection from acquisitions and other unfriendly actions, including an attack on the enterprise of professional extortionists, a competent M&A advisory service provides the following:

  • Consulting on protecting your company from acquisitions and other unfriendly actions of third parties;
  • Preventive work to protect your organization from acquisitions and other unfriendly activities concerning your property;
  • A set of measures to increase your stake in the company to reduce the risk of damage to your organization by corporate extortionists.

Summing Up

Professional M&A consulting will reduce business risks and protect assets. Experienced lawyers of an M&A company will advise you on mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, acquisition of an enterprise, or its department. They will also provide qualified assistance in protecting against unfriendly acquirers and the actions of professional extortionists. Get only practical and specific help from specialists!

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