Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 9 January 2023

The Process of Indoctrination. How the public is being conditioned to accept the existence of an elite ruling class [Flashback to 2008]

It seems that a unique moment in human history is at last coming to an end. Just a few short years ago, anyone who dared talk about the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group or the Bohemian Grove as organizations through which the financial oligarchs wielded power was dismissed with that ultimate debate-ending phrase: ‘conspiracy theorist.’ Now, however, these secretive organizations and the corporate moneymen who pull their strings are finally allowing the public a glimpse behind the façade of representative democracy at the way elite institutions are really shaping global geopolitics. People are at last free to talk about how world politics are shaped by a few thousand of the ultra-wealthy and well-connected…provided, of course, those people are closely tied to Henry Kissinger and tend to think that global government is the best way of organizing 21st century society.

Happily for David Rothkopf (former director of Kissinger & Associates and unabashed globalist) his credentials make him the perfect candidate to write “Superclass,” a tell-all of sorts that purports to expose the ‘new’ class of global elite who are able to influence the lives of millions around the world. Many of the organizations of influence cited by Rothkopf as lynchpin institutions in this global superclass system are already well-known to those researchers who have long claimed precisely the same thing as Rothkopf but whose work has gone unheralded because of that blacklist ‘conspiracy theorist’ label. Jim Tucker of American Free Press, for example, has been tracking down and reporting on the Bilderberg group for well over 30 years and has been dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and a ‘right wing’ journalist by a BBC documentary for his efforts. Now, however, Rothkopf blithely admits that Bilderberg is a key planning event for the global elite and what was once unutterable conspiracist fantasy is now admitted as banal fact. (For more information on the ultra-secretive Bilderberg group and its importance in shaping world events please listen to Episode 044 of The Corbett Report podcast, Club Bilderberg).

n the year 2000, researcher and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones became one of only a handful of journalists to have infiltrated the ultra-secretive Bohemian Grove retreat—the summer camp of the super elite, nestled in the redwoods of California—and the first to sneak out footage of the bizarre occult Cremation of Care ritual, the mock human sacrifice which opens the two-week long encampment each year. Despite this incredible feat (documented in Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove) many detractors refused to believe the footage was authentic or that the camp was even attended by presidents and high-powered businessmen. Neither the copious photographic evidence nor even doctoral dissertations by sociologists analyzing the importance of the Grove to the elite who attend each year could convince the skeptics of the Grove’s reality or importance…until now, that is. Now with the flick of Mr. Rothkopf’s pen the Grove has gone from the product of an overactive imagination to self-evident fact.

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