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How to choose house cleaning services

With so many cleaning services available, choosing the right cleaning company to provide your house cleaning services can feel quite complicated and confusing. However, with the correct information and knowledge, choosing a cleaning company to provide the services you need is actually rather simple.

Below, we’re looking at choosing the right cleaning company to provide your house cleaning needs. We also have a spot of shameless self-promotion at the end too for our fantastic cleaning services in London, which you won’t want to miss out on!

Finding a cleaning company for house cleaning services

Can you trust your cleaner?

Trust is one of the most important parts of the cleaner and customer relationship. Our cleaners often clean our customer’s homes when they are at work, on holiday, or just not at home. You certainly don’t want to be sat on a beach or at your office, worrying about the cleaner in your home.

At Cleaning Express, we vet all of our cleaners and provide full training for everyone. We also have liability insurance that covers any breakages or damage that may occur in our customer’s homes, and policies in place that ensure honesty from our cleaners if they damage something while cleaning.

We’d recommend finding a cleaning company in your area that does the same. It ensures the cleaners are honest, trustworthy and hard-working. If anything does get damaged in your home during a cleaning session, trustworthy cleaning companies have procedures in place that will get the situation sorted quickly.

What expertise do they have?

Cleaning someone’s home isn’t just about wiping down a few worktops and sticking some bleach in a toilet. When called upon, a cleaner must have the skills to tackle a wide variety of issues like ironing, getting rid of stains, removing pesky pet hair or dealing with stubborn limescale.

Having the expertise to deal with any cleaning situation that may arise is what makes having a professional cleaner worthwhile. So, you need to find a cleaning company that fully trains its cleaners in every aspect of cleaning.

Throughout the years, Cleaning Express has invested heavily in its cleaners, creating online training courses for all new starters to complete. We also send our cleaners on additional cleaning courses to learn more about every aspect of the role they are doing. We do this because our cleaners having the knowledge that our customers need is vital, and any cleaning company you use should feel the same.

Cleaning customisation

Just as a cleaner must be trustworthy and have the expertise you need, they also need to be able to adapt and adjust to all of your cleaning needs. If you intend to give your cleaner the same list of tasks to complete each week, this may not sound like a very big deal. However, what if, just before the cleaner arrives, you spill your coffee on a brand-new carpet? Removing a coffee stain before it takes hold in your new carpet may not be on the cleaner’s usual list of jobs. But your cleaner should be able to adapt the cleaning session and ensure that the coffee is removed and your carpet looks wonderful when they leave.

Having customisation options for their house cleaning services is an absolute must for all of our cleaning customers. Whether you need to change the cleaning routine moments before the cleaner arrives or you provide plenty of notice, having that option makes a massive difference to the cleaning service you receive.

Spot-checks are essential

When you hire a new cleaner, it is perfectly natural to be nervous about the situation, regardless of how much research you’ve done and how much an award-winning cleaning company based in London has plugged itself throughout an article!

To put your mind at ease, do spot-checks of the work that the cleaner is doing. If you notice things that aren’t right, let the cleaner know, or speak to the head office. Clear lines of communication are so important in a cleaner customer relationship. So, have a chat about the cleaning jobs that need doing and let them know of any concerns you may have.

Always remember that if a cleaner is sticking to the cleaning routine you have set out, they will never mind you doing a spot-check of their work. If a cleaner minds you checking their work, this is a sign that perhaps they are not doing the job correctly or they are missing areas or jobs to speed things up.

House cleaning services in London

Well, despite promoting our incredible house cleaning services and our amazing team of cleaners throughout this article, it can’t hurt to do it again right at the end, can it?

If you need house cleaning or housekeeping services in London, Cleaning Express is here to help. We provide every aspect of house cleaning that you could possibly need, and all of our house cleaning services are completely customisable to suit any needs. All of our expert cleaners are fully trained, vetted and lovely. So, get in touch with Cleaning Express to learn more about how our cleaners can help you keep your home looking beautiful.

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