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Handball World Cup Run By Lunatics Demands All Players be Triple Fake Vaccinated, Tested Daily and Quarantine for Five Days if Positive

Is the International Handball Federation joking, asks Icelandic goalkeeper Björgvin Páll Gústavsson in a tweet on the Federation’s quarantine rules for the 2023 World Cup. Are you trying to destroy our sport?

According to the rules all players must be vaccinated and boosted, tested daily for COVID-19 infections and quarantined for five days in case the test comes out positive.

As Gústavsson points out, the results of the tournament would be severely skewed by this measure.

Gústavsson has written a letter to the Federation where he brings up questions on the legality of those measures, considering that Sweden and Poland, where the tournament will take place, have dropped all Covid restrictions.

Earlier, the manager of the Icelandic team complained about the Federation’s demands for vaccination, quoting Dr. Aseem Malhotra who has explained the risk the vaccination poses to young people. It’s been estimated that approximately the same number of sportspeople have died from heart attack in the field in 2021-22 as in the 38 years prior.

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