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FOI reveals DNA from AstraZeneca’s ‘Covid’ injection is found in organs throughout the body and safety for pregnant women and immunocompromised was unknown

On Monday, ICAN obtained confirmation of disturbing information about Oxford-AstraZeneca’s covid “vaccine” from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products (“MHRA”).

Informed Consent Action Network (“ICAN”), through its attorneys, submitted a Freedom of Information request to the MHRA in April 2022 seeking information relating to its authorisation of the AstraZeneca, as well as Janssen, Moderna, and Pfizer covid “vaccines.” After MHRA initially denying the request and ICAN resubmitting a request with a narrower scope, MHRA finally provided 166 pages of records containing the studies MHRA relied on to authorise AstraZeneca’s covid injection for use en mass.

One of these records was a study on mice which investigated the biodistribution of the AstraZeneca “vaccine.” It revealed that the viral vector DNA did not remain localised in the injection site but instead migrated to other organs. Disturbingly, the study found vector DNA in the sciatic nerves, bone marrow, livers, lungs, and spleens of the mice following vaccination.

Additionally, in its Marketing Authorisation Application, AstraZeneca stated that because vulnerable populations – such as pregnant and lactating women and immunocompromised persons – were excluded from the studies, the safety of the vaccine in these groups was unknown.

We encourage you to read ICAN’s full press release HERE as well as The Naked Emperor’s explanation below.

Newly Obtained AstraZeneca Documents – Did you think the mRNA vaccines were the only ones to accumulate in organs? republished from The Naked Emperor

The AstraZeneca vaccine has all but disappeared from the UK after it was found to cause blood clots. Nevertheless, its CEO, Pascal Soriot, was knighted last month and said vaccine concerns were overblown.

[In 2021, members of the team who developed the “vaccine” were recognised in the then Queen’s Birthday Honours list. Related: Undeniable links between the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine & the British Eugenics Society]


The vaccine was different to the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines because it was a viral-vector vaccine (similar to Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen) instead of a mRNA one. Whilst the mRNA vaccines used RNA, protected in a lipid nanoparticle, the viral-vector vaccines encoded the genetic instructions to build the coronavirus’ spike protein in DNA. DNA is more stable as it is double-stranded whilst RNA is only single stranded.

So, AstraZeneca took these DNA genetic instructions and placed them inside another virus – a chimpanzee adenovirus. This adenovirus had been modified so that it could enter human cells but not replicate inside them or cause disease. However, once in a human cell, it could deliver its payload – the DNA instructions.

The DNA is pushed into the nucleus of the human cell where the instructions can be read. Using these instructions, the nucleus of the cell creates messenger RNA (mRNA) before pushing it out for other cell molecules to “read.”

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