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How ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines Cause Cancer

Antibodies are studied more than other immune proteins for association with disease. This does not mean that they are more decisive in disease outcomes. Type I interferon likely has far more impact.

Antibodies Are Not the Whole Story of Immune Resilience Toward Cancer

Much is being made of a recent study showing IgG4 antibodies spiking in the blood labs of those who are triple-injected with the mRNA COVID vaccines.   Journalists are speculating that this may be the cause of increased cancers in the COVID-vaccinated.  But that is not the main reason that the COVID-vaccinated are getting new cancer cases, sometimes aggressive “turbo cancers,” or coming out of remission from earlier cancer.  Rather, there is earlier research that provides more plausible mechanisms for cancer risk, based on abundant prior knowledge of immune function.  Let’s look at both the new study on IgG antibodies and earlier research.

The popular fallacy seems to be along these lines: ‘Antibodies are easy to test for.  Plus, they are the focus of vaccine development and vaccine action.  So therefore we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about them.  So therefore they must be important markers of disease outcomes.  So therefore they must be decisive in disease outcomes.’

After focusing my own work on cancer patients for the last 16 years as a naturopathic oncologist, if I made this mistake in thinking, most of my patients would be dead by now from misdirected efforts.

No, cancer remains a mega-problem of DNA damage, immune distraction, disrupted cell signaling, frenzied growth, lack of apoptosis, weakened tissues, angiogenesis, and metabolic derangement, as the principal features of an entity that feeds itself at the expense and to the detriment of the organ and the organism.  These are the principal features of cancer, and they are hard as heck to treat successfully.  I discuss that very daunting challenge here.

IgG3 Versus IgG4

First, let’s look at the new study on IgG3 versus IgG4 antibodies in the triple-jabbed.  Herein, let’s call it the IgG4 study.   It finds that the triple-jabbed may be developing a non-inflammatory tolerance to even high levels of spike proteins.  That is, rather than having typical dyspnea, cough, olfactory and other full-blown COVID-type symptoms, IgG4 is a tolerant and tolerizing antibody that allows virions and spike protein load to accumulate in the body without the usual symptomatic alarms.  Thus, a COVID+ PCR result with mild symptoms, or even no symptoms, often ensues.  This may partly account for the many celebrities and politicians frequently quoted in MSM saying in so many words, ‘I tested positive for COVID, but thanks to my shots, it’s mild.’

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