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‘Unprecedented Vaccine Disaster’: An Interview with Professor Masanori Fukushima

On November 25th there occurred a singularly rare event in the ongoing COVID-19 saga – truth was spoken to power. A distinguished medical doctor and infectious disease expert was given free rein to interrogate a government official, unmediated and without apparent time restraint. The doctor in question was the distinguished oncologist, professor emeritus at Kyoto university and Director and Chairman of the Translational research Information Centre (Tri) Masanori Fukushima. His rigorous and passionate berating of an official from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) on COVID-19 vaccine safety and government transparency made for gripping viewing. A recording swiftly went viral, elevating Doctor Fukushima to a new status as leading critic of the COVID-19 vaccines in Japan.

I interviewed Professor Fukushima via Zoom on December 28th. He began by giving me some background to his career and explaining why he had become involved in the COVID-19 vaccine issue before moving on to the specific harms, his views of the Japanese Government’s response and the way ahead.

Philip Patrick: Professor Fukushima, thank you for allowing me to speak to you. Could I start by asking you to give me some background to the event on November 25th and how you came to be involved in the COVID-19 vaccine safety issue?

Masanori Fukushima: I majored [in] biochemistry at Kyoto University post graduate school and actually I am the eldest medical oncologist in our country. I opened in the academic sector the first out-patient clinic for cancer patients in 2003 when I was Professor at Kyoto University. I [became involved in] pharmaco-epidemiology in 2000. This is the study of stop[ping] drug disaster[s]. That’s the mission, the raison d’etre. That’s why I’m involved with the COVID-19 vaccine problem. Because no scientists and only a few physicians have spoken out about the problem of vaccines.

So, when I heard that Government and EU and USA started the messenger RNA program my first impression was this is so stupid. Because messenger RNA is evolutionary, and the cell system is degraded always in a very short time. Messenger RNA is fragile and should be degraded promptly in the body. But this vaccine is modified and manipulated to be stable and to be incorporated in nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are the second problem as it is always incorporating in any type of cells, particularly stem cells. Stem cells are very important for repairing any types of cells. And the third problem is that there is no specificity of delivery. It (messenger RNA) is injected into the body and goes all around the body expressing spike proteins. This is a major problem. The spike protein is very dangerous.

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