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Call it what it is – mental illness: Controversial trans influencer invited to White House by Joe Biden shows off bruised and scarred face after having facial feminization surgery – Operation sees bones cut off and sanded down

The controversial transgender influencer who was invited to Biden’s White Househas posted a video showing off her bruised and scarred face after she underwent facial feminization surgery.

Dylan Mulvaney could be seen in a TikTok video posted on December 21 with bandages around her head and gauze covering her face as she told her 9.9million followers she was feeling well following the controversial surgery.

As part of the plastic surgery, transgender women get their facial bones sliced off and sanded down to make themselves appear more feminine.

Mulvaney, 26, has been hailed as a transgender icon who gained a massive following after sitting down with President Joe Biden in October.

Mulvaney first posted on December 16 that she was undergoing facial feminization surgery that day, sharing videos of her waking up excited and being dropped off at a medical center.

She later replied to a video posted by another transgender TikToker who said she is proud of Mulvaney for undergoing the surgery.

‘You are a light for this community,’ TikToker Mercury told Mulvaney. ‘You showcase the trans community in its most authentic form.’

Then, after one of Mulvaney’s thousands of followers asked for an update, she shared a video from her hospital bed on December 21 with her head completely bandaged and her cheeks, nose and chin covered in gauzes.

Stitches could also be seen above her upper lip, and Mulvaney appeared to have bruises around her lips and under her eyes.

‘Miss you all already,’ Mulvaney said, hoarsely, in the video, ‘and I’m doing well so thank you for supporting me.

‘I love you so much, thank you, love ya!’ she concluded.

But in the comments of another video posted on Saturday, Mulvaney said her face was still swollen from the massive procedure.

Still, her face did seem smoother in the video, with her brows lifted higher up on her face and a less defined jawline than in her previous videos.

As part of facial feminization surgery, transgender women can get their facial bones sawed down and even removed to achieve a more feminine look.

It can include a range of different surgeries, including reconstructing the forehead by removing the bony ridge above a patient’s eyes and reshaping the hairline (which may include shaving down or grinding the bony ridge or cutting a piece of existing bone and replacing it with a bon graft).

Other procedures involve the cutting and reformatting of the scalp to lower the hairline, raising the brows and a nose job to reduce the width and shape of a patient’s nose.

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