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5 Reasons Why Illuminated Building Signs are Still Relevant Today

From downtown streets to suburban roadways, illuminated building signage is present everywhere. Older illuminated signage employed neon signs as a common option for both interior and exterior lighting signs, but more recent illuminated sign uses built-in LED lights to produce diverse types of signage. Modern illuminated building signage is extremely successful in attracting attention to your company thanks to its vivid colors and attention-grabbing imagery. Below are a few benefits to think about if you’re still contemplating purchasing LED building signage as you consider your options:


3 Popular Kinds of Illuminated Signage


There are three standard techniques for illuminated business signs in the vicinity of your business or store façade. Although the usage of each office sign varies, an illuminated building sign is often utilized to produce a beautiful display that captures the attention of onlookers.


Interior Lighted Business Signs


Interior illuminated business signs are often located close to guest entrances or meeting places and are mostly utilized in lobbies and public squares to establish points of attraction. Indoor-lit signs, when combined with other features like flowers and fountains, are a great way to welcome visitors.


LED Exterior Signs


Exterior lit signs, which are frequently positioned in exteriors and other outdoor spaces, serve as beacons or lighthouses that guide clients to your establishment. Although illuminated building signs can possibly serve a variety of functions, the most popular external sign styles feature your company’s logo and name to generate brand recognition and promote your business.


Personalized Lighted Signs


When you give lit signs your own unique touches, the advantages become simpler to understand. Personalized LED building signage, sector indicators, navigational boards, and more are all examples of custom-lit signs. With the help of a personalized illuminated sign, you can express the personality and character of your business while also enhancing customer experience.


Here’s Why Illuminated Building Signage Is Important


There are numerous ways in which lit signs are advantageous. Below are the four basic reasons for using outdoor lit signs, ranging from customized LEDs to channel letter signs. 


  1. Does Not Need Too Much Maintenance 


LED-powered illuminated building signs can operate for a relatively long period of time and needs little to no maintenance. LED building signs can last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced, and maintenance is as easy as power spraying signs when they get filthy. Many lit signs allow the replacement of single characters so that you are not required to remove the entire thing when it needs some maintenance.


  1. Greater Visibility


Using top-notch outdoor LED signs is one of the simplest ways to establish a good first impression or advertise the location of your business. Your company’s visibility throughout the day — morning, afternoon, and night — may be a key factor in its success. You may leave a lasting first impression on potential clients by using the right lighting signs. LED building signs are very helpful at night to let clients know that your shop is still operating during these certain hours.


  1. Brand Awareness


It is crucial to have a name that people recognize and trust. Creating outdoor lit signage for your establishments that is consistent with your brand guidelines and identity makes them stand out to customers and encourages them to pay your store a visit.


It is an incredibly versatile marketing strategy that can be used in practically every industry, from schools and hospitals to retail establishments and cafes. The added lighting design, which transforms the already lovely sign into a visually appealing advertisement, is what makes it unique.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness


One of the most incredible ways that can help you save money by using illuminated business signs is the decrease in maintenance expenses, as mentioned previously. With LED outdoor signage, you’ll spend less on washing, maintenance, and bulb change. In comparison to neon lights or incandescent bulbs, LED lights use far less electricity. Illuminated structure signage is undoubtedly the most cost-effective- effective type of marketing tool available in the market today as compared to the continuing costs related to other forms of advertising.


LED bulbs outperform fluorescent and typical incandescent bulbs in terms of wattage requirement and lifespan. Because LED bulbs emit less heat than other lighting options, the illuminated sign won’t increase the cost of an indoor air-conditioning system. Modules utilizing fewer watts also meant lower electricity expenses.


  1. Versatile


Illuminated signage can be used both inside and outside of facilities.


Although they are necessary for visibility at nighttime and during severe storms in outdoor applications, they are also useful indoors for specialized branding, emphasizing locations, identifying critical safety and emergency information, navigating in congested areas, displaying, advertising, and more.


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