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7 Ways to Boost Internet Connection in Your Off-Campus Hostel

Moving into your rented apartment is a rite of passage that collegians go through. But sluggish internet can ruin the whole experience. Few things can match the irritation of sluggish internet. The inconvenience is especially felt when you want to attend an online class or download learning materials. Fortunately, slow internet can be rectified, and you can go back to enjoying faster speeds. You can take many measures to boost your internet speed, from adjusting your router to changing your Wi-Fi password. Here’re detailed tips on how to improve your internet speed. 

Find a New Channel  

Wi-Fi connections are separated into channels whereby a router utilizes a specific channel to network with nearby devices. So if you constantly experience slow internet speeds that prompt you to ask, “Where can I get someone to write my paper for me?’ it could be a channel overload. On the other hand, it can be a result of your neighbor’s network affecting your connection. In such a scenario, try to find another one to avoid slow speed and or weak signal strength. 

Position Your Router at a Central Point 

It is best to position your router in a place where it is not blocked by anything. For example, closets and walls may stop signal strength. You should also keep appliances that use electromagnetic force, such as the microwave, away from the router since they might reduce signal strength. 

Mounting the router on the wall is the best option to ensure a better signal. A better signal will motivate you to do your schoolwork, reducing the need to buy essay cheap online. 

Create an Ethernet Cable Connection 

The primary advantage of using an Ethernet cable is the outstanding data transfer quality and speed. In addition, it means that you can always rely on the internet for your studies and browse various useful sites such as 

The cable’s downside is its lack of flexibility since it’s a wired connection. Still, with the fast speed, you’ll receive, it is better to compromise on the flexibility of a wireless connection. Therefore, an Ethernet cable is appropriate for high-speed internet activities, such as video conferencing and gaming. 


Having a Wi-Fi password is essential to ensure you are the only one using your bandwidth. A lot of traffic slows down your internet speed, especially if your bandwidth is limited. For example, a 5mbps bandwidth may only be effective with a few devices. Thus, locking people out of your internet may be the best option for receiving quality speed. 

Router Upgrade 

Analog routers may have little coverage compared to modern ones. The wide coverage of modern routers allows you to receive internet on all corners of your house without buffering. Therefore, if you have moved into a new apartment, be sure to check the router that is installed there. If it is an old one, you should consider upgrading to enjoy fast internet speed that would help you browse stress freely. 

Remove Some Devices 

When not using some gadgets, disconnect them since the traffic they create when connected to your Wi-Fi may affect your internet speed. Internet service providers may say that their internet can serve up to 300 devices. But they don’t tell you that traffic slows down the internet speed. Therefore, disconnect some devices you are not using to get the quality speed. In addition, you will want to avoid experiencing internet issues when attending an online class. So consider turning other devices off at that moment. 

Purchase an Extender 

You’ll need to get an extender if you notice that the network is unavailable in various sections of your house. An extender widens the range of your internet and strengthens the router signal so that you receive faster speeds. 

The upside of extenders is that they come ready to use, so you only have to plug them in. There is no need for any technical knowledge to do that. Extenders can also offer speed solutions to an old router since they have similar SSD, so you don’t go through the hassle of buying a new router. Also, with the extender, your internet can be on several devices without affecting the speed. 

Bottom Line 

A jammed network can cause slow internet speed. It can be uncomfortable to use and can be a significant inconvenience. Fortunately, you can use the above tips to increase speed. With faster internet speed, you can comfortably attend your online classes, stream your favorite movie and even play games online without much buffering.


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