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30 by 30 is the biggest land grab in history marketed under the guise of “protecting biodiversity”

United Nations (“UN”), World Economic Forum (“WEF”), private interests, behavioural change organisations and non-governmental organisations have been calling for a “New Deal for Nature.” Do not be fooled – the deal does not benefit nature or humanity.

It is foreseen by those behind the “new deal” that new investments or financial markets worth about $10 trillion over this decade will need to be created to provide opportunities for businesses to “engage” with the plan.

This “deal” incorporates the nefarious 30 by 30 plan which is to set aside 30% of land and oceans as “Protected Areas,” areas within which human activity is restricted or prohibited. Survival International, an international non-government organisation that works for human rights, recently told Down to Earth that the 30 by 30 goal will displace around 300 million indigenous people from their native lands and forests in the name of “conservation.”

Last week we published an article about a statement issued by the Indigenous Environmental Network, an American initiative to protect sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, and the health of both indigenous people and all living things. The statement exposed the private commercial interests at COP15 planning to profiteer from “Mother Earth.”

At the recent COP15 – the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (“UNCBD”) conference – the Global Biodiversity Framework, known as the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework was adopted.

“The outcome of the UNCBD COP15 leaves Mother Earth open to be bought and sold by the private sector and through carbon trading. Violating Traditional Indigenous Knowledge, the agreement embraces the risky and dangerous gene drive extinction technology … All in all, COP15 prioritised the continued commodification and exploitation of Mother Earth over finalising a global framework that upholds Indigenous and human rights.” – Indigenous Environmental Network

Independently, the ‘No Deal for Nature’ campaign has investigated and detailed the monstrous and unprecedented assault on our living world under the guise of biodiversity. “At the forefront is the accelerating loss of biodiversity, upon which all life depends,” the campaign states, “this very real threat is now being marketed and exploited in order to reboot the global economy.”

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Behind the call for a “New Deal for Nature” – recently rebranded Nature Positive, also referred to as a Global Deal for Nature, a Global Goal for Nature, or a Paris Agreement for nature – lie the world’s most powerful private and wealthy interests, behavioural change organisations such as Avaaz, and big conservation NGOs such as the World Wildlife Fund (“WWF”), the Wildlife Conservation Society (“WCS”) and The Nature Conservancy (“TNC”) who partner with the world’s biggest polluters.

Human rights violators WWF lead the charge for this deal, which essentially consists of a neo-colonial land grab from the most self-sufficient peoples on the planet, principally in Africa and Asia. The threat to people and their environment comes from the creation of “Protected Areas.” The “conservation” industry would like the current number of Protected Areas on land (and sea) increased to 30% by 2030 – “30 by 30,” also abbreviated as “30×30” or “30by30.” In Africa and Asia, these areas are controlled by military force to keep local people out, resulting in widespread human rights violations and even killings.

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