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Green Zealots Arrested Up to Seven Times Each in More Evidence Police and Courts Powerless to Stop Eco-Protestors. (They are not ‘powerless’ – they just refuse to use what ‘power’ they have because what the programmed Wokers are doing suits the agenda of those that control the police and courts)

Just Stop Oil protesters were arrested up to seven times each during a month of road-blocking chaos in London this year. MailOnline has more.

Some members of the eco-zealot group, which brought the capital the roads around it to a standstill, were arrested multiple times this autumn as part of their uproarious demonstrations.

Official figures show that of the 755 people arrested between October 1st and November 4th, 155 were detained by police more than once – just over one in five.

The Metropolitan Police has said those arrested are not able to be charged quickly as officers have to trawl through CCTV and take statements from witnesses before the matter goes through the courts.

Official figures from the force show that some protesters were able to take part in multiple protests, with one person being arrested a remarkable seven times, The Times reports.

The Met detained two people on five occasions, 25 people on four, 28 on three and 99 protesters on two demonstrations.

Of the 755 people arrested during their demonstrations in October and at the start of November, 112 have since been charged.

It told the publication that most arrests in the first five weeks were for obstructing the highway, a lesser offence that can only receive a maximum sentence of six months in prison.

While police investigated many of these offences, the protesters were released on bail, meaning they were free to join other demonstrations taking place.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told the Times: “We are determined to bring to justice all of those who have acted unlawfully and gone beyond protest into causing serious and criminal disruption to the public of London.

“To date over 12,500 officer shifts have been needed to deal with Just Stop Oil activity, and hundreds more will be needed to process all of the suspects through to a court outcome.”

The eco-zealots brought large parts of London and the South East to a standstill earlier this year after they embarked on more than 30 days of continuous protests.

This included blocking roads in the capital and climbing gantries on the M25 to force the closure of the ring road on multiple occasions.

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