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Double-Fake-Vaxxed, Double-Fake-Boosted Woman Tests Positive for ‘Covid’ 12 Times, Misses 3rd Christmas with Family. The PCR test is not testing for the ‘virus’, lady. You obviously have some genetic material in your make up not connected to ‘Covid’ that is activating the test. WAKE UP for goodness sake and stop listening to idiot ‘doctors’

A woman who was fully vaccinated and received two boosters is missing her third Christmas with family after testing positive for Covid-19 for a 12th time.

Lorraine Hemingway of Carver, Mass., says she’s tired of being apart from her family, but Covid tests keep coming back positive forcing her to quarantine from them.

“I look at them and it’s almost like they got used to me not being around,” Hemingway told CBS Boston WBZ.

According to WBZ, Hemingway has suffered from “long Covid,” typified by long bouts of Covid symptoms, since she contracted the omicron variant in 2021, saying, “I’ve never been the same.”

“They’re all little and I’m missing their recitals, I used to go watch them play hockey and soccer,” Hemingway said, lamenting having to spend time away from her grandchildren.

More from WBZ:

Despite being fully vaccinated with two boosters, Hemingway suffers from brain fog, headaches, and loss of balance. She stays away from seeing her grandchildren to keep them safe.

Hemingway has attempted to treat her symptoms with Paxlovid, the same treatment that failed Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Joe Biden, to no avail.

She just finished her second round of Paxlovid treatment. Dr. Shira Doron from Tufts Medical Center said Paxlovid rebound sometimes results in a positive test result.

“Prominent people with COVID that took Paxlovid felt better, worse again, and tested with an antigen test that went to negative to positive,” said Dr. Doron, an infectious disease physician.

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