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Victims of AstraZeneca: Dr. Stephen Wright

The knighting of the CEO of AstraZeneca gives cause to shine some light on his criminal company and the terrible impact its experimental “vaccine” continues to have on the UK public.

Earlier today, we published an article written by Simon Elmer about awarding knighthoods to people whom the UK state wants to protect from prosecution for crimes against the British people.  The latest example of this is AstraZeneca’s CEO Pascal Soriot.  Elmer wrote:

“Pascal Soriot, KBE, is not only morally responsible for injuring nearly a quarter of a million Britons and killing 1,334 with his company’s viral-vector ‘vaccine’. He is also lying about the risks it continues to pose to those sufficiently terrorised into believing in the honour of knights, dames, kings and other figures of the British Establishment.”

As an addition to his article, Elmer has recalled details about some of the victims of the AstraZeneca poison which we’ll publish one story at a time so each of the victims’ voices can be heard and given the attention they deserve.

These personal stories need to be read, especially, by those who claim the only adverse effects of Covid “vaccines” are sore arms and headaches and so nothing to be concerned about.

This Christmas season, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Covid injections and their families.

Dr. Stephen Wright

On 16 January, 2021, Dr. Stephen Wright, a healthy 32-year-old child psychologist and married father of two children, updated his Facebook profile picture. A photograph of himself and his wife, Charlotte, taken at their wedding in June 2018, now bore the NHS logo and a white circle in which a crown and heart were surrounded by the declaration: ‘I’ve had my Covid vaccination’. It was later revealed to be the AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’. Dr. Wright had just been promoted to his new position as Senior Clinical Psychologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, and was due to start on 1 February.

Instead, in the early hours of 26 January, 10 days after his injection, Dr. Wright suffered what was later diagnosed as a cerebral venous stroke. The previous evening he had fallen asleep after refusing dinner, and when he awoke complained of pins and needles. With his arm moving uncontrollably, his wife called an ambulance and by the time the paramedics arrived Dr. Wright’s blood pressure was so high they advised him to visit hospital for further checks. Due to coronavirus-justified regulations, his wife was not permitted to accompany him to King’s College Hospital. Two MRI scans revealed massive bleeding on the brain, and he was placed on life support. Later that day he died. At his request, Dr. Wright’s organs were donated, and his wife reported that his lungs went to a man in his thirties and his heart to a teenage boy. His wife subsequently told The Independent that she ‘does not disagree with the rollout’ of the Covid-19 ‘vaccination programme’; adding: ‘I know why they had to do it and that they had to do it.’

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