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Agency leeches are sucking NHS dry: Middlemen charge HALF A BILLION pounds a year to provide locum nurses and doctors … and one group of staff were even given free trip to the Caribbean

Middlemen are charging the NHS half a billion pounds a year in fees for agency staff.

The massive premium, which is on top of sky-high wages paid to locum doctors and nurses, can be revealed today by a Mail audit. Campaigners called for action to stop firms ‘gorging themselves on NHS money’.

Employees at one agency were rewarded for a profitable year with a free trip to the Caribbean, where they were pictured sipping cocktails in a hotel.

Recruitment firms have boasted of record profits due to increased demand during and since the pandemic.

One director alone pocketed more than £500,000 last year.

The NHS is facing its greatest staffing crisis ever, with shortfalls of 12,000 hospital doctors and more than 50,000 nurses and midwives.

Locums can be called upon to fill any hole in the rota, from a single day to a month, and even longer.

The NHS in England spent £3billion of its total £136billion budget on agency staff this year to plug gaps.

The Mail audit examines the accounts of ten leading agencies. It shows that they keep around 20 per cent of the sum they charge to the health service, after covering the wages of the locum staff.

That equated last year to £600million that could have been used for training.

Theresa Villiers, a Tory former Cabinet minister, said: ‘This is shocking and it has to stop. These funds should be devoted to patient care.

‘Both the NHS and the Government need to get a grip on this and get these costs down. This is ripping off the taxpayer and the NHS.’

A source close to Health Secretary Steve Barclay said the Government would act to cut wasteful spending.

The insider added: ‘While we are recruiting thousands more NHS doctors and nurses, temporary staff are needed to help clear the treatment backlog left by the Covid pandemic.

‘We do need to cut wasteful spending and ensure every penny of NHS cash goes into caring for patients and not excessive profits for recruitment consultants. We will act to address any abuse of the current arrangements.’

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