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Record Levels of Immigration Will Be New Normal for UK Says Report

The United Kingdom has seen an all-time-record year for immigration, yet the country should prepare for these previously unseen levels of arrivals to become the new normal because of the country’s “ageing population” and “skills shortages”, a think tank has urged.

“Britain’s ageing population and skills shortages will mean the country has an ongoing demand for migrant workers”, the Social Market Foundation (SMF) think tank has said, saying the country should prepare itself to make this year’s historically high levels of immigration the new normal. In all, the body said, the country needs to be “better prepared for an era of high migration flows” in a report which namechecked Brexit pioneer Nigel Farage as a particular obstacle to their progress.

Responding, Mr Farage told Breitbart that if anyone thought that Britons could be stopped from discussing mass migration critically, they would be proved quite wrong.


The reasons why the United Kingdom needs to throw its borders open and solicit more immigration given in the SMF report, even going so far as to create “skills partnerships” with human-export nations to train future migrants at home before importing them, will be familiar to anyone following migration politics across Europe. A statement covering the Foundation’s new report cites well-worn excuses including the United Kingdom having an ageing population — a veritable Ponzi scheme of a justification already known in Germany — and the nation being lacked in skilled people, despite questionable efforts by the government to fix that domestically as a first resort.

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