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Ancient oak tree that starred in John Lewis Christmas advert has been CHOPPED DOWN after council ruled its branches are ‘too dangerous for locals’. Were locals asked? No, of course not. They don’t matter. Only mindless, soulless, bureaucrats matter

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A famous tree which featured in a memorable John Lewis Christmas advert ‘give a little love’ has been chopped down.

The 700-year-old oak tree, which stands at Forest Way roundabout in Orpington, Bromley, has been removed after the weight of its branches were reportedly deemed ‘too dangerous for locals’.

Residents spotted film crews decorating the area with fake snow in October 2020 for the advert.

The large oak tree appeared in John Lewis’ 2020 Christmas advert, which features a young boy pondering how to dislodge his stuck football from the tree’s thick branches.

A young girl joins the boy and the two of them look up at the tree, before she opens up a heart-shaped umbrella to knock the ball back down.

The advert was aired during the Covid-19 pandemic and was inspired by the ‘spontaneous acts of kindness in our communities’ at the start of lockdown.

The rest of the advert features nine different animation styles from eight artists, which carries the overall theme of random acts of kindness among the public amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The song ‘Give A Little Love’ by British singer Celeste plays in the background throughout as the caption: ‘Give a little love. Together we can make a big difference.’ appears on screen at the end.

Residents of the town have now been left heartbroken as images were shared online of the famous tree cordoned off with tape and cones, as most of its boughs and branches appear to have been cut off.

Locals poured their hearts out yesterday when the news broke on social media that the tree would be getting cut down.

An anonymous user wrote: ‘A sad day today, the big tree that featured in the John Lewis advert on the roundabout at Forest Way is getting chopped down, such a shame they couldn’t save it.’

The post has since received dozens of likes and comments from users who reacted in sorrow to the sad news.

One person said: ‘So sad, why can’t they just leave it alone? It’s been there years.’

Another wrote: ‘Oh no. So sad, I walked past this tree every day as a child and my children love seeing this tree on the way to their grandparents’ house.

‘They call it the witches tree.’

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