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UK Consultant Surgeon calls for halt to ‘Covid’ injections and speaks out against medical censorship

Dr. Ahmad Malik has joined the chorus of voices calling for an investigation into the unsafe Covid injections. There is significant associational and causal data of serious adverse effects on the Covid mRNA vaccines, enough to warrant investigation if not suspension, he says.

Any doctors speaking out are being pressured, coerced, and intimidated in an attempt to silence their voices. Instead of listening, they are being persecuted.  Dr. Malik is the latest to fall victim to these tactics used to silence those who question the false official narrative.

Freedom of speech, debate and the exchange of ideas is essential for democracy and is the foundation on which medical ethics is built, Dr. Malik says.

Dr. Ahmed Malik is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who works from various practices in the UK including hospitals in London and Buckinghamshire.

It is not only doctors who are being silenced.  Yesterday, we published an article by Professors Norman Fenton and Martin Neil describing how scientists and researchers have been subject to denigration and censorship by the wanna-be global totalitarian regime.

It is time to remove science and medicine out from the control of corrupt globalist psychopaths and reclaim them for the good of humanity and our world.  We, the people, have the power and authority to do this.  Let’s start using it.

After being contacted by hospital groups and told to stop questioning the safety of Covid injections on social media, on Sunday Dr. Malik posted a video on Twitter:

“This is medical censorship and an infringement on my freedom of speech, and on my duty of care as a doctor.”

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