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German IC doctor has ‘never seen so many people sick’ – No, because the fake vaccine destroys the immune system

BERLIN – The number of people in Germany who are currently suffering from an infection or illness is at an all-time high, Christian Karagiannidis, chairman of the German Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, told the Rheinische Post. “The disease rate among the population is extremely high at the moment, I have never experienced anything like it.”

According to Karagiannidis, almost all IC beds are occupied in many regions. He emphasizes that coronavirus infections are no longer the main problem. “Currently, we are fighting a very wide range of illnesses: flu, RS virus, coronavirus and other respiratory illnesses, plus the usual emergencies.” The IC doctor hopes that the Christmas holidays will provide relief, because the number of admissions often drops then.

In addition to the extremely high number of patients, German hospitals also suffer from absenteeism among staff, high work pressure, attacks aimed at staff and delivery problems of a number of medicines, including antibiotics and heart medication. Pediatrics is also facing shortages of medicines, which could jeopardize the care of young patients with respiratory infections.

Karagiannidis calls on local drug manufacturers to produce and stock certain resources in advance so that they are available in sufficient quantities. “I find it worrying for a country like Germany that we have been dealing with such shortages time and time again for a long time and that this shortage has become even more acute due to the many infections.”

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