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The World Wakes Up to What Sceptics Knew All Along

“It’s all coming out now!” – a friend greeted me with this exclamation recently. Then off he went. First up was Hunter Biden’s laptop. He then went into some detail about MEP Rob Roos and the Pfizer executive Janine Small’s revelation that the vaccine was never tested for transmissibility. A bit on the lab leak theory, “had I heard it?” For good measure, he finished up with chapter and verse on the Office for National Statistics’ response to Professor Norman Fenton’s FOI about Covid deaths of people without underlying health conditions.  All good stuff.

The odd thing about all this was that my friend, who is quadruple vaccinated, was supportive of the lockdowns and was an assiduous mask wearer. We’ve also had a few awkward moments over the past couple of years when I’ve expressed some scepticism of – well, scepticism of anything and everything. When I suggested that none of this was news, that all of this information had been readily available for years, he looked at me slightly askance and said: “No, it’s all new, just wait, it’s all coming out now!”

My friend’s not the only person to have noticed these ‘new revelations’. They’re beginning to creep into the mainstream media (except the BBC) and since Elon Musk bought Twitter there seems to be growing visibility of some of these issues on social media.

The point of this article is really threefold. Firstly, to join all my fellow readers of the Daily Sceptic in saying “I told you so!” Don’t tell me there isn’t a slight pleasure in that? Secondly, to remind you where some of this information has been hiding in ‘plain sight’ over the past few years. And thirdly, to make a point about informed consent. My friend is in his 50s, in good health with children of school age and at university. They’ve all submitted to multiple vaccines. All had Covid more than once, some before and some post vaccine with no noticeable difference between the severity of symptoms. Between them all they’ve had various mild adverse experiences from the vaccines but nothing very serious. He’s now beginning to ask questions. If he’d known last autumn that only three healthy kids under 20 had died of Covid (as disclosed by the ONS data), or that the vaccines would not reduce the likelihood of infection and transmission, would he have been so keen on ushering his kids to the front of the queue or supporting vaccine passport controls?

In case you weren’t aware of it, Professor Norman Fenton recently extracted an interesting response from the Office for National Statistics. His request and the response can be seen here. It covers the number of Covid deaths, where only Covid was mentioned on the death certificate, from the start of the pandemic to the end of December 2021.  The answer was just under 3.5% of the total. To many this has been a revelation.

Here are the ONS data as a chart with the number of deaths by age and sex in the data table below the chart.

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