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More mass murder: NHS announces ‘Covid’ booster jab teams have visited every care home in England

NHS vaccination teams have visited every care home across the country to offer Covid boosters and flu jabs.

A total of 15,019 care homes have been visited by vaccination teams – with 88.6% of eligible residents boosted, NHS England said.

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This includes hundreds of homes which needed to have visits rearranged because of Covid-19 outbreaks.

Residents who have not yet received their booster can receive one either through a vaccine team returning to a home, through their GP or via the National Booking Service.

The NHS national medical director, Prof Sir Stephen Powis, said: “I am delighted that our dedicated NHS staff have been able to go into every care home in England in the last 12 weeks to make sure residents are protected ahead of Christmas, meaning they can spend much needed time with family and friends without the anxiety of spreading Covid and its potential consequences.

“It is fantastic that so many residents are already up to date with their jabs and I’d encourage everyone eligible to get vaccinated as soon as possible as we head into colder months where we notoriously see increased illness and hospitalisation – especially among the elderly.”

The NHS director for vaccinations and screening, Steve Russell, said: “Care home residents are among those we prioritised at the start of this rollout to make sure our hard-working teams of vaccinators could get to as many care homes and provide protection to as many residents as quickly as possible.

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