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Germany: Response to FOI provides data to quantify the cost to human lives due to the experimental ‘Covid’ injection program

A few days ago, possibly the most important dataset of the “pandemic” was released.  The data were obtained via a Freedom of Information request by the German political party AFD. Given the extremely concerning implications of the German data, it is not surprising that governments around the world and healthcare systems or insurance providers have been reluctant to release their own data.

The likes of Joel Smalley, Prof. Norman Fenton and John Dee have been pointing out, there are gaping holes in the UK’s Office of National Statistics (“ONS”) data.  Four researchers, including Prof. Fenton, felt the ONS data on vaccine mortality was so flawed that last month they called for the dataset to be withdrawn, saying:

“All of the anomalies in the dataset introduce bias in favour of analyses supporting vaccine ‘safety and efficacy’. The fact that these data are being used as continued justification for the efficacy and safety of the covid vaccines is therefore now a matter of national concern and scandal.

“We believe that an investigation into how and why the ONS dataset is so flawed and corrupted is required. In the meantime, we call for: the public withdrawal of the ONS dataset; and, the retraction of any claims made by others that are based upon it.”

This lack of reliable post-vaccination data – to establish the rate of vaccine injuries and the number of people who have died post-vaccination – from official sources is a widespread problem and across the world.

Due to the meticulously planned campaign of mass censorship that we all found ourselves in, more red flags than can be counted were ignored by the “very rigorous” vaccination surveillance systems that were allegedly ensuring there were no safety issues with these vaccines.

The pharmaceutical industry has been able to establish a special type of privilege within the legal system and has made it very difficult to demonstrate that vaccines can ever be at fault for anything.  Because of the immense power behind the medical-industrial complex, those debating this program have been put in a situation akin to trying to compete while having their hands tied behind their backs.

Recently, a German Political Party, the AFD has obtained data via a Freedom of Information Act request. It demonstrated that many of the conditions we associate with Covid-19 injuries noticeably increased, five-fold or more, when the vaccination campaign was initiated.

In February, a German health insurance company, BKK ProVita, released an analysis of data from 10.9 million people insured with them. However, the data obtained by AFD reveals information on seven times that number of people. On 12 December the AFD hosted a press conference to unveil the data on 72 million patients they had obtained – 90% of Germans with statutory health insurance.

A Midwestern Doctor provided further details in a recent Substack which we have reproduced below. “There is an immense amount to be ascertained here, and I believe it represents the credible evidence we have been looking for since the start of the pandemic to have an objective metric for quantifying the impact of vaccine injury.”

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