Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 December 2022

Crooks, Murderers and Idiots

  1. Old people everywhere are treading very carefully these days. The elderly are especially vulnerable (because bones tend to break more easily) but they know the NHS has betrayed the public and will no longer help them if they fall and break a leg or hip. It’s like living in the Middle Ages.
  2. The UK Government has decided that log fires are bad for us. No, actually, log fires are bad for THEM. The conspirators don’t like log fires because they provide a little independence from the bastards who have deliberately raised energy prices. And what a coincidence it is that energy prices are higher than ever just as we enter the coldest and most unusual winter since records began.
  3. The idiot Kwarteng says he ‘got carried away’ with his budget. I haven’t seen any apologies but millions of people’s pensions were wrecked by Kwarteng’s stupidity. Thousands don’t know yet that half of their pension savings have disappeared. For example, D.S.Smith, the packaging company has been forced to lend its pension scheme up to £100 million as a result of the chaos. Kwarteng will not, of course, be punished for his arrogance and stupidity. Instead, he’ll doubtless make a mint out of speeches, books and high paying banking jobs.
  4. Someone we know found the world unbearable and tried to commit suicide. A relative found him unconscious and called an ambulance. Eight hours later the ambulance arrived. As I said a little earlier, it’s like living in the Middle Ages.
  5. The Home Office has announced that men who whistle at women will go to prison for two years. Before micro-aggression reared its ugly head some women quite liked wolf whistles. The police hardly ever catch criminals as things are. Now that they will spend their days chasing men who have whistled at women we can be pretty sure that no murderers, rapists or burglars will be caught. Is that really what the feminists really wanted? I suppose it must be.

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