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Just Stop Oil protesters cause massive traffic tail backs with new anti-coal mining ‘slow walk’ demo as Met police appear to stand idly by

Just Stop Oil activists have returned to the streets of London for their final protest ahead of Christmas, blocking traffic during peak hour while Met police officers watched on.

After a year of headline-grabbing stunts, 17 demonstrators set off from Finsbury Park by Manor House station about 8am, wrapped up warm in beanies, scarves and gloves as temperatures dropped to -2C.

It’s understood further demonstrations will take place in Camden later this morning.

They held banners provided by Just Stop Oil and shuffled through the street painstakingly slowly, bringing northbound traffic to a grinding halt behind them.

In encouraging people to join the cause, the group assured protesters that the action was legal, despite two arrests on day one of the slow marches.

A spokesperson also revealed this would be the final slow march before Christmas, prompting criticism from some that they’re ‘wanting to keep warm’ and avoid the subzero temperatures.

The group are standing against the proposed Cumbrian coalmine, which would increase emissions by about 400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year but produce up to 500 new jobs.

Sheila Shatford, a 67-year-old grandmother and former nurse from Bristol, said she felt the ‘need to stand beside all the brave young people… in order to stop the wanton destruction of their future’.

‘Shame on you Mr Sunak, for allowing your government to support oil and gas expansion, shame on you for allowing a new coal mine that nobody wants or needs.

‘Shame on you for demonising peaceful people. You can ban us, revile us, lock us up but you won’t stop us. We will not be complicit in the destruction of everything we hold dear.’

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