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Eco-mob’s global warming protest fails…because it is too COLD! Activists fail to glue themselves to German road when freezing temperatures stop adhesive from working

The orders were simple: Run out onto the road, glue yourself to the tarmac and stop drivers from getting through.

But for two climate activists in Germany, that plan didn’t work out quite as they’d hoped because sub-zero temperatures stopped the glue from working properly in an embarrassing lack of foresight.

The ‘Last Generation’ activists, who were protesting against global warming, desperately poured a bucket of glue over each other before sitting stone-faced in the middle of the road in Munich this morning.

But the freezing temperature scuppered their plans and instead of being stuck to the road, the pair of protesters sat glumly amongst a pool of glue mixed with snow.

Police officers at the scene – realising that the pair were not going to be sticking around for long – dragged the protesters off the road.

‘The gluing didn’t work due to the weather,’ the police told Bild newspaper.

Appearing to realise that their efforts had been in vain, one protester was seen looking down at his hands in apparent frustration while a pool of glue lay next to him.

The two activists, who were protesting for a speed limit on highways as well as for affordable public transport, had defied an order that banned climate protesters from blocking key roads and other areas in Munich.

The general order was imposed on Friday, a day after some activists glued themselves to the tarmac of Munich’s airport and disrupted flights.

The ban, which lasts until January 8, is aimed at ensuring ‘that the main routes for emergency and rescue vehicles in the city area are kept clear at all times and to avert possible harm… that could arise due to delays in emergency travel,’ the city said in a statement.

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