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Why Strange Clots Form After mRNA Jabs, Treatments to Consider

In our previous article, we provided an overview of COVID-19-related abnormal blood clots. This article will look at the white or brownish fibrous clots found in vaccinated individuals—how these clots form, and potential treatments.

Abnormal Fibrous Blood Clots Reported Worldwide

By mid-2021, embalmers worldwide pulled from dead bodies odd, white or brown fibrous clots. The embalmers reported that they had never before seen such matter.

An embalmer is a highly trained professional with a specialized skill set, who works in a funeral home, laboratory, or research facility; he or she is responsible for preparing the bodies of the deceased for funeral services.

Their daily work is to replace blood with embalming fluid in the blood vessels. Since the middle of 2021, an increasing number of embalmers have been talking about their inability to replace blood with embalming fluid in some dead bodies.

Seeking to discover the cause of this, the embalmers we interviewed and those featured in a video series on the topic looked for what was blocking the veins and arteries.

Richard Hirschman, a board-certified embalmer and funeral director in Alabama with more than 20 years of experience, recorded the process of removing clots from the arteries of dead bodies. Hirschman commented, “Normally, we don’t see clots in the iliac. Usually, they’re in veins…This is not normal.”

John O’Looney, the owner and director of the funeral home Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services, located outside Northampton in the United Kingdom, documented fibrous, rubbery, and firm blockages removed from the blood vessels of a young man who died suddenly. The blockages took the shape of blood vessels.

Anna Foster, an embalmer with 11 years of experience in Carrollton, Missouri, began seeing fibrous-looking clots in early summer 2021. She had never before in her career seen such clots.

Two of Foster’s close friends, also embalmers, had seen the same odd blood clots.An anonymous embalmer shared samples of rubber-like white, fibrous clots in an interview with Dr. Jane Ruby.

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