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Meghan and Harry: Is a Dangerous Folie a Deux, helping the Conspirators?

When I worked as a GP I was also a part time police surgeon. I was called out one night to a murder. An old man and his dog had been beaten to death by burglars and I had to take body temperatures of both and write a forensic report.

A day or so later I was called to examine the two murderers who had confessed. I had to take hair and nail samples from both of them for forensic analysis.

One of the murderers was tough and belligerent. The other was meek and nervous. It was a classic case of folie a deux. The weak guy was involved only because he did what the stronger man told him to do.

I was reminded of all that by the recent activities of the Californian royals, surely the world’s greatest whingers. It seems to me that the pair are a perfect example of a folie a deux relationship. Meghan is in charge. Harry, who was once wild enough to dress up as a Nazi, just follows.

Just watch the clip from their pathetic Netflix programme where Meghan shows how she curtseyed to the late queen. I think she’s being painfully sneery, sarcastic and contemptuous and her little bit of acting is truly embarrassing.

But it’s Harry we need to look at.

Harry, sitting beside her, definitely seems embarrassed and, I suspect, as near to ashamed as he can look.

But he doesn’t say anything.

I think he knows he should say something. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t even have his wife’s little bit of acting removed from the film – even when his grandmother is dead he leaves it there because Meghan is in charge. This is her big role in life though I suspect that until she joined the `firm’ she didn’t realise she’d married the wrong brother. She’d got the ‘spare heir’ and has realised, too late, that she’s always going to be nothing more than a bit part player as a relatively minor royal in the royal soap. In her desperate lunge for attention she seems to me to have managed to turn Harry into a whining, moaning child.

I thought it interesting that the disreputable Meghan show received similar ratings to another tired soap opera – Eastenders. I wonder if Netflix now think it was worth the sort of money they’re reputed to have paid.

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