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The 5 Best Luxury Christmas and New Year Destinations in the USA

What are the best places to visit during Christmas, and where are the best places to fly for New Year’s?

The festive period is always a busy time for travelers, as New Year’s destinations and Christmas locations receive thousands of revelers. If you’re planning on taking your family somewhere special, it can be difficult to pick from the incredible Christmas and New Year destinations that the USA has to offer. This list will point out some of the old classics as well as some outside-the-box ideas, ensuring that wherever you spend the festive period you’re guaranteed an incredible experience.

To really add on that extra touch of tinsel, luxury private jet travel promises to enhance the already memorable vacation offered by these extraordinary places. Christmas, after all, is about those little extra touches. The cranberry sauce, the special wrapping paper, the handmade greetings card – why not add a luxury private jet to the list? Far from being inaccessible, private jet vacations are increasingly budget-friendly, and avoiding the chaos of a Christmas departure lounge is enough of a present in itself for any busy parent!

New York City

New York is one of the most obvious destination Christmas ideas around, and for good reason, but it’s also a common occurrence in lists of New Year’s trip ideas. The reasons for this are obvious: the fanfare, sense of occasion, and all-around over-the-top nature of the festive season in the Big Apple make it one of the best places for Christmas travel. When it comes to New Year’s Eve destinations, the same factors apply, making it the perfect place to travel via luxury private jet service and celebrate both festive holidays at the same time.

The best places to go over Christmas break in New York City are those you might expect – the Statue of Liberty, Macy’s, Central Park – but what makes them extra special is the care, attention, and enthusiasm that are put into giving them a festive makeover. Beyond the usual haunts, the best Christmas travel destinations in New York can also include the best places to visit in the city, period: art galleries, movie sets, and some of the world’s best restaurants.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve travel, there really is only one place to be in New York City: Times Square. The annual celebration to welcome in the New Year is legendary worldwide, and this year’s festivities promise to be extra special thanks to the involvement of KT Tunstall, Ja Rule, and Ashanti – all of whom are confirmed to be playing live. Wherever you decide to visit this festive period, then, it’s definitely worth considering New York as one of the world’s best New Year vacation destinations.

Atlanta, Georgia

Festive sports are a niche market, but to some any list of the best vacations for New Year’s wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Atlanta, Georgia, home of the Peach Bowl – a name that references both the state’s agricultural heritage and the world-famous football championships that take place every year. This college football event is held on the 31st of December, and while it might not make many lists of the best New Year’s travel, it’s a left-field idea for private jet luxury vacations that just might be what you’re looking for.

Beyond the sporting attractions, the city of Atlanta itself is an ideal Christmas travel destination due to its huge array of Christmas shows, holiday lights, markets, and stunning parades. In this way, Atlanta really can serve as a dual-purpose Christmas and New Year’s holiday location for the whole family, keeping the kids entertained over Christmas and providing fun for the adults on New Year’s. Private jet vacations of this kind can be difficult to find, so if your group spans a range of interests and age groups then Atlanta should be your destination of choice!


If you want a place to travel for Christmas that breaks with convention, Hawaii could be the perfect destination for your luxury plane. While Christmas locations normally involve snow, Santa, and all the hallmarks that are associated with this time of year, the best place to go on Christmas might just be somewhere a little outside the carefully wrapped box. 

The sweeping beaches that make up Hawaii’s coast paired with the guarantee of warmer tropical weather make it not just one of the best Christmas destinations, but also one of the best holiday vacation spots period. If you’re tired of the routine and want to keep things fresh and exciting for your family, then heading via luxury jet travel to this Pacific palm-treed paradise is a great way to travel for Christmas.

With Hawaii being one of the furthest USA Christmas travel destinations from the mainland, the longer duration of your flight might warrant a more substantial stay. If you’re worried that you might run out of things to do during the festive period, fear not: Hawaii is also one of the best New Year’s vacations out there.

We’ve all sang Auld Lang Syne in some memorable locations, but have you ever done it on a tropical beach, mojito in hand, at the foot of one of the world’s largest active volcanos? If not, what’s stopping you? The question of where to travel for New Year’s is often deliberated on for months in advance, but it’s usually framed in the context of snow, ice, and packed bars that you really can’t wait to get home from. Why not shake it up and head for the sun, sea, and sand offered by Hawaii –unconventional, but one of the world’s best New Year travel destinations for luxury charter jets.

Leavenworth, Washington, D.C.

Speaking of unconventional, there are some Christmas travel destinations that can come across as downright odd. If you’re thinking of the best places to travel during Christmas, you’re probably conjuring up images of mulled wine, frozen mountaintops, and dark forests blanketed in a veil of snow. In essence, you’re thinking of a postcard from Europe – but do you really want to travel that far on your luxury private jet? If not, then allow me to introduce you to the town of Leavenworth, Washington, D.C.

Built in the 1960s to faithfully resemble a Bavarian village, even the most scrooge-minded and hesitant reveler is guaranteed to feel the festive spirit wash over them in what is arguably the best destination for Christmas in mainland USA. With average temperatures between 20 and 35F during December and January, it’s also a fairly safe bet that you’ll get to experience a little snow, making your vacation all the merrier.

The icy cold weather also guarantees that Leavenworth is always an atmospheric place for New Year’s, making it one of those rare, one-size-fits-all Christmas and New Year travel destinations – ideal for private jet tours. If the idea of seeing snow-tipped mountains through the foggy window of a wood-paneled tavern appeals to you and your family, then here you have it: the best Christmas destination around! 

Las Vegas, Nevada

For those more on the side of celebration than tradition, what better place to bring in the New Year in style than Las Vegas – surely one of the world’s best destinations for New Year’s. When you’re looking for the best private jet vacations that include New Year’s travel, consider this: the strip is home to celebrations of all kinds year-round. If you’re looking for the best places to fly for New Year’s, then, and want somewhere where you can really let your hair down, look no further – private jet journeys to Las Vegas promise festive fun in the extreme.

Christmas in Las Vegas is much like every other time of the year: completely over the top, in the best way imaginable! If you’re the kind to venture out for your festive celebrations, chances are you love this time of year and want somewhere with a level of enthusiasm that matches your own. You’re in luck: Las Vegas is the spiritual home of excessive celebration, making it one of the world’s best Christmas travel destinations and the perfect place to direct your luxury private jet travel towards.

Whichever of these private plane vacations you decide to embark on, luxury private jet charter is a perfect way to experience everything that they have to offer and more. Whether for an extra special vacation, a faster, more custom-built experience, or simply to avoid the queues in the departure lounge, luxury travel by private jet is the ideal way to visit some of the best Christmas travel destinations that the USA has to offer. Just don’t forget to leave room in your suitcase for presents!

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