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ONS’ dirty tricks to cover up deaths after UK’s mass ‘Covid’ injection campaign began

Weekly all cause death figures published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (“ONS”) do not stand up to scrutiny. The evidence indicates we are missing a bunch of young deaths.

Joel Smalley has been exposing gaping holes in ONS data.  “Many of us are trying really hard to report the Covid facts using the most reliable data we can access. Unfortunately, much of this data is not readily available. We have to use FOI requests and bespoke data requests (that we pay for out of our own pockets), simply to get useful data to work with,” he wrote in a recent Substack.

Considering these gaping holes, John Dee is conducting an analysis of the data using a different approach to try to quantify the harm caused by Covid injections. “If the vaccines have been wreaking havoc as much as it would appear then we need to brace ourselves for an extraordinary degree of delay and/or cover-up,” he concluded.


The ONS prefer to publish mortality data by date of registration (“DOR”) rather than date of death (“DOD”), this being a constant irritation to analysts chasing the harms and benefits of all that has transpired over the last 33 months. Whilst I touch upon the matter in several articles, this article series HERE succinctly captures the essence, revealing the ONS’ woolly reasoning as to why they do this crazy thing.

Since it is a legal requirement in the UK to register all deaths within five days then we may assume DOR and DOD counts are not going to get totally out of kilter over time and this was borne out by my analysis. The biggest headache that DOR data causes are spikes and dips in the record that are substantial during holiday periods when registry offices within each diocese are closed.

The Biggest Headache of All

Spikes and dips within the DOR data record that arise from administrative matters are easy to iron out using various smoothing techniques. A preferable approach is to obtain counts by DOD but this must be done under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOI”), and the ONS charge for their time. Any normal person would consider this to be unreasonable and ask why such data are not provided to the tax paying public free of charge and as a matter of course.

bone fide dude who has been piling on the FOI and lashing cash is Joel Smalley of Dead Man Talking fame, who once again alerts us to gaping holes in the ONS data record in THIS splendid article. Scroll down his series of slides and you’ll see the death count for recent months evaporate as age declines.

There’s a good reason for this and that is deaths in young folk are supposed to be rare, such that when they do happen, they tend to attract the attention of the coroner who has to rule out foul play, suicide and incidence of notifiable diseases. Thorough investigation of young death is vital for the future health of the nation and this process naturally incurs a time penalty. Hence Joel’s holes, which are a right old headache for anybody trying to quantify vaccine harm.

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