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170 patients that changed everything

Few people realise that the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA)of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine/BNT 162b2 was granted on the efficacy data of 170 patients. The 162 who received a placebo and 8 patients who were vaccinated formed the basis of the 95 per cent efficacy claims. There has not been much discussion of these patients. Where did they come from? Can we get an approximate timeline as when these patients would have been collected?

The endpoint of the Pfizer-BioNTech trial(1) was getting a Covid infection at least 7 days after dose 2, and vaccine efficacy was measured by calculating the risk of disease among vaccinated and unvaccinated persons and determining the percentage reduction in risk of disease among vaccinated persons relative to unvaccinated persons.(2)The 170 patients were found, buried deep amongst the hundreds of thousands of pages, made available only via court order.

In a paper(3) published on, my co-authors and I go into the detail of how they were found. We also cross-referenced our list with publicly available demographic data yielding a perfect match. As such, we are confident that our list of the 170 patients, publicly available in our article as an excel spreadsheet, are in fact the 170 that were the basis of the ‘effective’ claim in the ‘safe and effective’ mantra.

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