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Sack all GPs now to save lives

When American air traffic controllers went on strike in 1981, President Ronald Reagan fired them. All 11,359 of them.

And that is exactly what the UK Government should do with the GPs who are refusing to see patients and who are demanding a 21 hour week and a 30% pay rise.

Almost everything that is bad about the health service today can be traced back to the day when GPs were allowed to stop providing night and weekend care for patients.

The overloaded accident and emergency service in hospitals and the failing ambulance service are both a result of GPs working part time. (And spending much of that time giving, or supervising, a dangerous, pseudo-vaccination programme that has done infinitely more harm than good). Without a GP to call or speak to, patients, many of them deliberately injured by a toxic covid-19 jab, have to call an ambulance or go to hospital.

GPs should all be told to sign a new contract agreeing to provide 24 hour a day cover for all their patients. The contract should oblige them to see patients in the surgery or in the patient’s own home.

Would GPs sign such a contract?

Of course they would.

What else are they going to do for a living? Where else can they earn over £111,000 a year?

The NHS is a monopoly employer. It is the only place where 99% of GPs can work.

And if GPs refuse to sign the contract and decide they will provide only private care? Well, patients will still win because GPs who want to earn a living the old-fashioned, pre NHS way, will have to provide a good service at a reasonable cost in order to attract patients. The Government will save so much money it will easily be able to pay private fees for patients who can’t afford private care.

Either way, patients will win.

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