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Covid-19: The pandemic that never was – Niall McCrae

If you had a nasty respiratory illness in the past three years, and took a test confirming Covid-19, this otherwise forgettable episode will be a feature of your life story. Everyone will remember the pandemic, and you contracted and survived the deadly disease. But as in George Orwell’s 1984, the official truth has persuaded you that 2+2=5. 


I’m one of a subset of Covid-19 sceptics who disbelieves the very existence of the virus.  In claiming a hoax, I face two obvious challenges. First, why was there a sudden spike in mortality in spring 2020, in the initial outbreak? Secondly, what about the two hundred thousand deaths in the UK, or six million worldwide?  I believe that not a single death was due to Covid-19; as people died of other causes, particularly pneumococcal pneumonia (a common consequence of flu in the frail elderly, and known as ‘the old man’s friend’). 


Mortality indeed increased, but this was directly caused by the unprecedented public health regime: lockdown, evicting sick older patients from hospital, and limited access to healthcare. Vast amounts of midazolam, a terminal care drug, were ordered by UK health secretary Matt Hancock. Ambulant Covid-19 patients were put on ventilators, a last resort that few survived. By means fair or foul, a high Covid-19 death toll was generated in spring 2020. Yet despite the cull of the elderly, mortality in 2020 was not significantly higher than annual average (it is more excessive now, after mass vaccination by experimental mRNA injections).  


The virus was a vehicle for the totalitarian agenda described by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as the Great Reset. This was not a pandemic but a ‘plandemic’, probably years in the making.  The public first heard of it in December 2019, when reports of a new deadly virus were relayed from China. In recent years there had been several contagious scares from the Far East, but these fizzled out. People enjoyed the Christmas holidays with little interest in a distant disease. 


Going into 2020, the mainstream media were giving constant coverage to the viral threat. Images from the city of Wuhan showed dramatic scenes of people dropping like flies, hazmat suits and a hurriedly built hospital. Meanwhile in the West there was calm before the storm. British government medical advisor Chris Whitty indicated no serious risk. This was tactical, as political leaders and health experts emphasised their reasoned approach. Weeks before the virus reached their shores, Western governments would have known that Covid-19 was to become a major event in modern history, with radical impact. 


The authorities deployed behavioural psychology throughout the purported pandemic, and the shortage of toilet rolls in February 2020 was probably to prime people for removal of basic rights and liberties. Panic-buying was provoked by the media showing trolleys piled high with bulk packets, leaving empty shelves and ‘sold out’ notices. This essential commodity was well chosen for a psy-op. The purpose was to make people want their government to take charge, and to contrast individual selfishness with collective responsibility.   


Suddenly the disease was declared as a mortal danger to all. Whereas reports from China may not be trusted, in February the contagion reached Italy, where news broadcasts showed hospitals overwhelmed (although one misused image was from a building occupied by migrants who had crossed the sea from Libya), The Italian government emulated the brutal lockdown regime impose in Wuhan. Mask-wearing was promoted with a model in a ‘trikini’, in an unusually speedy photo-shoot. 


Soon the whole of Europe was in a state of emergency. A plethora of signage appeared on every high street, with catchy slogans that would normally take a marketing team months to create.  Boris Johnson, an erstwhile libertarian, began daily conferences shown live to the British public. On announcing lockdown in March, he warned that ‘you will be arrested’ if leaving home without good reason. Pubs, churches and gymnasia were forced to close. Then Boris himself caught Covid-19 and was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital. This was theatrical: if Boris went anywhere, it was for reprogramming (perhaps through MK Ultra techniques); he certainly seemed a changed man after his period of absence. 


Conspiracy theorists on social media suspected that the virus was manmade. In April 2020 I wrote a report Year of the Bat for Civitas think-tank, with MLR Smith of King’s College London.  Mistakenly, I took the idea seriously that Covid-19 was a lab leak. Wuhan was selected as the viral source because the nearby Wuhan Institute of Virology would suggest an accidental or deliberate release from the gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses. This alternative to natural origin in a market was a trap for sceptics, who would unwittingly contribute to the narrative by validating the existence of the virus. As David Icke wrote in Perceptions of a Renegade Mind, it was easier to create and control a pandemic with a fake virus than with a real pathogen, which would be less predictable. 


But how was it possible to fool doctors, scientists and governments around the world? The answer is polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a test declared as the ‘gold standard’ for Covid-19, despite Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for its invention, discouraging its use as a diagnostic or screening instrument According to Mullis, who died just before covid-19, with enough amplifying cycles ‘you can find almost anything in anybody’. PCR can detect a nucleotide sequence, but not a virus. However, a hurriedly published and seriously flawed paper by Drosten and colleagues in January 2020 became the basis of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) testing protocol. The authors claimed to have isolated the virus SARS-CoV-2, but this strand of genetic material could merely be ubiquitous dead cell matter. 


Incidence of the virus is determined by testing. If a government wants to lock down or encourage vaccination, more testing is done. If the success of a Zero Covid policy or vaccination is to be shown, stop testing. Or more subtly, change the level of amplification in PCR analysis: in the UK, up to 45 cycles was the norm during the first and second waves (meaningful analysis is usually limited to 25 cycles). 


Three months before covid-19, the WEF and Johns Hopkins University ran Event 201, a pandemic desktop exercise. In summer 2020 WEF leader Klaus Schwab’s book The Great Reset sped off the printing press. Covid-19, according to Schwab, was ‘a narrow window of opportunity’ to change the world. Revealingly, he refers to the virus not in health terms but as ‘a transformation period’. For sure, the globalists have made giant strides towards their technocracy. 

I am leaving a big question here, which I am unable to answer. If covid-19 is fake, who would be in the know? Instead of a multitude of politicians, medics and scientists conspiring against the people, my guess is a strict hierarchy of knowledge, with a small number of committed people in control and a level below who are privy to part of the plan. The latter may include senior government figures and administrators. Public faces such as the US medical advisor Anthony Fauci may be at the second level, as the real culprits remain in the shadows. 


Most doctors and other healthcare workers genuinely think that they are following science, uncritically accepting the PCR fraud.  Covid-19 has a reverse chronology: the virus was created for the vaccine, which in turn was a primer for a comprehensive digital identity system. This leads to total control of population, just as climate change is for total control of resources. 


The implications of covid-19 are stark. Critical thinking is a vital protection against misanthropic power. The protagonists of covid-19 do not think like ordinary people: they are psychopathic in their contempt for humanity. We must learn not to put faith in those who do harm, but to always consider ulterior motives. Decisions made for our health, safety or convenience may not be in our interests at all.  The proposed pandemic treaty of the WHO, recently approved by the G20 conference including the UK and USA, will take control of countries’ public health response to any new contagious crisis. Covid-19 is the thin end of the wedge.  


Too many people seemed to lose their critical faculties to the Covid-19 scam. Obvious clues were missed: for example, while ‘social distancing’ was demanded, discarded masks were strewn over pavements and never treated as a biohazard. Freudian defence mechanisms make people believe that catching Covid-19 after three or four doses of the vaccine is good, because they would have had it much worse if unjabbed. 


On the existence of Covid-19, I recommend Ockham’s Razor. Named after medieval philosopher William of Ockham, this thinking device discounts any convoluted cause in favour of the most obvious. In 2020 influenza almost disappeared, but Covid-19 has the same symptoms and mortality. Loss of taste and smell was a misleading distinction of the new virus as this often occurs with upper respiratory tract infections (such symptoms were highlighted because they are prone to suggestion). Covid-19 is not merely like the flu – it is the flu, rebranded. . 


To believe that governments were acting independently and making the same mistakes is to ignore the powerful influence of Big Pharma, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and global financiers. This would be coincidence theory, which would not stand up to Ockham’s scrutiny. People of the world: you have been mugged, and you need a sharper razor. 

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