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10 Best Makeup & Cosmetics Wholesale Suppliers

Are you looking for wholesale makeup tools like Do you want to save big bucks while stocking up on great products?

Buying bulk cosmetics from wholesalers will allow you to stock up on high-quality products at low prices. But how do you find these wholesalers? And how do you make sure you get the most bang for your buck?

To help you answer those questions, I’ve compiled a list of top online sources where you can find wholesale makeup supplies. In this article, I’ll walk you through each source, describe why I love them, and share their benefits.


BeautySourcing is an online beauty product marketplace and is one of the largest wholesale suppliers out there. They work with thousands of actual cosmetic tool manufacturers to bring the best products to you.

2. BuyBeautySupplies

BuyBeautySupplies is one of my favorite places to buy beauty supplies without breaking the bank. You have probably seen their ads in tv shows like Friends or Scrubs that talk about how they are the number one place to shop for cheap skin care and hair products. If you have never heard of them before, it’s because they started out selling only wholesale skincare products but have since expanded into other industries via selling to retailers such as Sephora and drugstores.

3. The Wholesale Cosmetic Capital (WCC)

If you’re new to buying wholesale cosmetics or you’re simply looking to switch your current supplier, then WCC might be the right choice for you. Their easy-to-use website has lots of information on what exactly a wholesale cosmetics buyer is. There’s also a guide that explains what to look for when purchasing wholesale cosmetics.

I found their customer service to be really good especially because they were always sending me emails to let me know that my package had shipped even though I didn’t actually receive it yet.

4. The Beauty Boutique Collective

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale makeup or skin care products, then The Beauty Boutique Collective is a site that you absolutely must check out. This company offers high-quality wholesale cosmetics for a fraction of retail costs. For example, an eyeshadow palette that retails for $39.99 sells for $5.89 on their website.

Another amazing thing is that they carry brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and much more. On top of being able to save money by purchasing wholesale makeup, they also provide excellent customer service.


CosmeticsWholesaler. com makes it easy for anyone to search for wholesale makeup. Simply put some filters on based on brand, color, price range, and size. Then sit back while they do all the hard work for you! It’s a great way to browse online and find wholesale makeup companies near you.

There’s also this cool feature where you can track down suppliers based on geographic location. So if you want to see stores in your area, you can easily get them through this website.

This website is a great resource for those who are interested in starting a wholesale makeup business.

6. BulkAphorism

BulkAphorism is another website that carries an extensive variety of wholesale cosmetics. You’ll notice that almost everything they sell has been featured in Makeup Tutorials. They have a huge selection of lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, foundations, powders, etc.

One of the things I love the most about this site is that they allow you to create your own list of favorite items that saves time when ordering again. If they don’t currently have the item in stock, you can request a special order.

7. is a great platform for consumers to discover trustworthy wholesale makeup manufacturers. Each member will earn points as they purchase from various providers.

Members can redeem these points for discounts at cosmetic retailers such as Sephora. By becoming part of this program, members not only help support the growth of other independent businesses but also help themselves by getting cheap beauty supplies.

8. VivaVanity

VivaVanity is probably the best place to buy wholesale makeup online. They carry more than just makeup; they offer skincare too. Products sold through VivaVanity include creams, gels, serums, lotions, cleansers, exfoliators, foundation, BB cream, concealer, powder, mascara, lip liner, and so many others.

Some of the benefits offered by this particular website includes:

  • Free samples
  • Discounts on shipping & handling
  • Special promotions
  • Weekly specials

9. eBay

eBay is another popular option for finding high-quality wholesale makeup. Just type in “wholesale makeup” into the search bar and you’ll be presented with thousands of results.

The good news is that there are lots of reputable sellers on eBay. And you can always search user reviews before making a purchase. But buyer beware – sometimes these listings are scams.

10. Amazon

Amazon is yet another site that offers wholesale makeup products. In fact, it’s one of my favorites because they regularly run deals and promotional events. Many times, they have free samples of new arrivals, as well as discounted prices.

Do you now know the top makeup and cosmetic wholesale suppliers?

And there you have it! These are the top makeup and cosmetic wholesale suppliers out there. We know hat finding a good one can be tough. But we hope this list can help you narrow your search.

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