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China’s Worldwide Police Station Operation Runs Much Deeper Than First Thought

The rights group Safeguard Defenders has revealed an additional 48 overseas China-run police outposts bringing the total to 102 stations. Some were set up with help from the host countries.

An updated report titled “Patrol and Persuade” sheds more light on the scale of the network and how joint agreements facilitated the Chinese regime to spread its transnational policing across the globe.

The recent investigation is a follow up to its September report dubbed “110 Overseas: Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild.”

The report revealed that besides providing ostensibly administrative service, these stations also serve more sinister purposes, such as, tracking down, arresting, and extraditing people wanted by the CCP, including dissidents who disagree with the regime and its leader Xi Jinping.

New Findings
Two recently discovered local Chinese authorities, in the cities of Nantong and Wenzhou, set up the bulk of the newly reported stations beginning in 2016. Four separate local police jurisdictions have now been identified as having established such an overseas police force, according to the report.

The network has made a presence in 53 nations so far.

The new revelation refuted the CCP’s narrative that the offices are tasked with assisting in renewing documentation for its citizens who were locked outside China due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One police network hired 135 staff to be in charge of its first 21 stations, the recent report claims.

The account is contrary to China’s foreign affairs ministry’s statement that the overseas stations were staffed by volunteers.

Specifically, the Madrid-based group found a worker hired at a foreign station in Stockholm on a three-year contract.

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