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Here’s a list of 94 incidences this year when vast numbers of animals have died suddenly

Down the Chupacabra Hole has compiled a comprehensive list of incidences over the last 11 months where a large number of animals have died suddenly.  Below is that list of 94 incidences across the world where animals have died under unusual circumstances.

First a brief explanation of an event which caught the public’s attention earlier this year – 3,000 head died at one feedlot in South West Kansas and 10,000 died over the entire state.  Although this incident was due to a combination of factors, the final straw for the cattle was an unusual and rare weather phenomenon known as a “heat burst” or “heat index crisis.”

Peterson Farm Bros gave his initial thoughts on a Facebook post about the cattle in Kansas and the next day posted a video on YouTube explaining from his perspective what had happened to the cattle.

A veterinarian in the area, Tera Barnhardt, confirmed Peterson’s suspicions.  She posted on Facebook: “We had a natural disaster in Southwest Kansas on June 11th, 2022 and in the days that followed … There’s no mysterious disease or theory, we know exactly what happened. It’s called a heat index crisis.”  She explained further in a second Facebook post HERE.

The South West Kansas incidence is not on Down the Chupacabra Holes list but another 94 are, including incidences in Australia, UK, Panama and Kenya.

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