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Bangladesh announces new ‘Covid’ fake vaccination campaign despite no evidence of a pandemic – Why?

On 30 November, Shamsul Hoque announced a target of injecting 9 million Bangladeshis with Covid “vaccines” under a week-long special campaign beginning 1 December. He said vaccine doses will be administered during the week 1-7 Dec at 15,984 centres across the country during the drive.  Hoque is the member secretary of the vaccine deployment committee of the Directorate General of Health Services under Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health.

The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) recommends that 70 per cent of the population be vaccinated, Hoque said.  The announcement came a day after the country had recorded 11 new cases of Covid and one death in a 24-hour period.

Nine mass vaccination drives have been conducted, which distributed 130 million doses. Each campaign has, on average, run for 3 days. Curiously, Hoque said the current vaccine initiative was to celebrate the month of Bangladesh’s victory in the 1971 Liberation War.

Bangladesh has received 343.4 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine so far and administered 332.7 million.  About 73 per cent of Bangladeshis have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccines, and 95 per cent of people above the age of five have received the first dose, and 52 per cent have received the third dose.

The country has been using Covid-19 vaccines developed by AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Moderna, Pfizer, Sinovac, and Johnson and Johnson.   The Bangladeshi government briefly suspended administering the initial doses of AstraZeneca when India banned vaccine exports and began vaccine distribution in selected parts of South Asia. It resumed immunisation coverage in portions of Bangladesh in June of last year, using Sinopharm vaccines given by China. As reported by Medriva as of June, more than half of the vaccines used in Bangladesh at that time came from China.

Even if the “vaccines” were safe and effective, there doesn’t seem any health justification for the newly announced vaccination drive, or previous campaigns for that matter.  Bangladesh has an estimated population of roughly 167-168 million, depending on which source is used. The total number of deaths attributed to Covid since the beginning of the “pandemic” is 29,434.

Below is a graph summarising the situation in Bangladesh, with deaths attributed to Covid shown as the red line.  The source for the graph is Open Disease Data API.  We test-checked some of the cumulative figures shown underneath the graph on the website and they agree with Our World in Data– which records 1,447 cumulative deaths over the last 12 months, with 312 of those deaths over the 8 months since 1 April 2022.

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