Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 4 December 2022

Molecular Biologist Warns Against Transgender Surgery

During an interview on NewsMax, Cat Cattison shared her story of how she started questioning her gender identity at about the age of five. Around the age of thirteen, she experienced growth that she didn’t like as a young woman. She was also exposed to more information about gender transition on the internet, and started to identify as a trans-man. Her parents and pediatrician, however, did not affirm her new identify, and she experienced bullying from peers. Cat mentioned that she had several comorbidities such as ADD, OCD, anorexia, and potentially autism. When she was seventeen she saw a gender therapist who immediately affirmed and suggested testosterone without considering her comorbidity history. It wasn’t until her twenties did she take the hormone. Cattison was close to legally changing her name and going ahead with invasive procedures, but thankfully she backed out and abandoned the whole transition.

Her parents were against this and Cattison thanked them for preventing her from harming herself. Had she been the delusional and self hating young woman today, she would be immediately affirmed and given puberty blockers leading to permanent effects of osteoporosis, stunted brain development, infertility, and sexual dysfunction along with invasive surgery.


“I’m grateful to my parents, teachers, and pediatricians for not affirming my delusion or allowing me to permanently damage my health.

De-transitioning wasn’t easy as the hormonal injections effected her vocal cords which effected her financially as she was a singer. Cattison experienced firsthand the difficulties with gender identity and is now an advocate against such invasive procedures. She reasons that no adolescent can consent to this, because the brain doesn’t fully develop until the age of twenty five. So if the legal drinking age is twenty one and the age of consent for sex is generally eighteen, why does Planned Parenthood have the right to falsely advertise that puberty blockers are safe and decide to give minors surgery without parental consent? The surgeries as she describes, is child experimentation, as they don’t have reputable studies on their safety or even effectiveness.

Cat features de-transitioning testimonials and how the process has helped others heal, and has spoken out against the “medicalization” of minors.

First Do No Harm

No one is saying there are not real cases of gender misidentify. However, that is in the category of birth defects, assuming if it’s even politically correct to say that. It is important to make the distinction between birth defects, that is being born with a genetic anomaly, and transgender-ism which is a byproduct of a human 2.0 Big Brother “Woke” agenda. Klinefelter’s syndrome and other similar diseases are usually identified early on by a medical doctor, and after running several genetic tests, the doctor along, with other health professionals determine the patient’s gender based on the evidence, not on what someone’s opinion is. Drugs, surgery, and alike may then be used to help the patient bring them to where they need to be.

Nobody is against this, but the problem is the “Woke” ideology that is perpetuating the idea that if a man wants to become a woman and vice versa, when there otherwise isn’t anything wrong with them, they should be provided surgery and society must accept that. This is stupidity beyond a level that never should have never been passed, but unfortunately there are a lot of sick people pumping money into this.

Parents need to be strong just like Cattison’s and prevent their children from harming themselves. They need to embrace who they are and stop rejecting their biological identity.

Planned Parenthood, along with their goons in the medical profession, is trying hijack the role of parents and turn every child into a freak show. They want to convince people that it’s okay to take healthy children and surgically remove their reproductive organs and pump hormones into them. What they are doing is beyond sexual molestation and rape, it is pure evil.

In a sane society, the people responsible should be arrested and thrown in the jungle to live with animals because they don’t even deserve to be kept in a prison. The fact that this “Woke” mafia has even gotten this far shows that people need to stop being sheep and wake the heck up.

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