Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 December 2022

Journeys in the Dreamtime

It’s been over eighteen years since I wrote this book, and since then, so much has changed in our world. Therefore, parts have been updated to reflect the times in which we live especially in relation to the forces that want to ensalve us. The new version attempts to explore myths, symbols and the nature of reality, while also sharing an ‘occult’ history within art. It’s a story told in five parts which is still relevant today, especially in the midst of a new reality emerging for those who have the vision to truly see all-that-there-is to see. In today’s society we are encouraged to believe that art must imitate material appearances; yet for the shaman artist painting our dreams and visions is a way of opening the portals within the imagination. Our intuition, apparitions and experiences, which are not always of this ordinary reality, are considered by the ancients to carry substance that could be made visible through art.

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