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How to Repair Corrupted Excel Files Quickly in 2022

The Easiest Method to Repair Corrupted Excel Files in 2022


Have you misplaced your Excel file? Do you anticipate using one of the best Excel file repair tools? If so, congratulations you’ve come to the right place. 

One of the best possibilities for maintaining a record of efficiently facilitating various duties is MS Excel. To efficiently complete the excel spreadsheet, a lot of time and information are required. One of the most frequent issues we have when handling documents is losing them. The scenario is incredibly annoying because it finally puts our data at risk.

The effects of losing data from an Excel file are significant. It has to do with how much time a user spends obtaining information and organising it. You will only have to start over if you lose a crucial file. The guide will assist you in successfully repair corrupted excel files and introduce you to one of the best excel file repair tools. You’ll be able to complete more work and save that time.

Part 1: Reasons and Common Ways to Fix Corrupted Excel File

Here are few reasons why excel files get corrupted and how to avoid repair of corrupted excel files or file corruption.

  1. File Transfer Interruption

One of the most frequent causes of data corruption is inappropriate downloading caused by a poor internet connection or stopping the downloader before it has finished. The result can be similar if a break occurs while data transfer from an external storage device.

  1. Virus Invasion

A malware attack may harm data on a computer’s hard drives. It is advisable to scan your system for security threats frequently.

  1. Sudden System Failure

A sudden or forced computer shutdown could corrupt a file that was open and in use.

  1. Defective Excel Editor

A file can become corrupt if you attempt to open an XLSX sheet with a non-XLSX editor. On the other hand, a faulty Excel editor might contaminate the files if opened with it.

  1. Damaged Storage or Willful Corruption

A storage device’s data may be corrupted by damage or corruption. Additionally, forcing a file extension change to protect the data occasionally occurs, but the operation frequently corrupts the data inside.

Part 2: Wondershare Repairit: Best tool for Repairing Excel File

One of the top file repair programs currently available, the Wondershare Repairit is mostly known for its aesthetically pleasing and simple-to-use interface. It allows anyone to quickly and effectively fix their corrupted files. Due to its sophisticated capabilities, Repairit can repair both moderate and severely damaged files, independent of how the problem started.   

Through its practical capabilities, such as batch repair, which effectively fixes several corrupted files at once, it increases your work efficiency. To ensure the file meets your specifications, you can preview it before saving it.

You can gain a lot from this software, so click here to download and try Wondershare Repairit.

Part 3: Repairing Excel file with Wondershare Repairit

Anyone may fix their damaged Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files on their Windows PC with Wondershare Repairit. Install Wondershare Repairit and use its nifty three-step approach to fix your papers if they are accidentally corrupt or damage your excel files.

Step 1: Add your damaged files to Repairit.

On your Windows PC, you can initially install and run Wondershare Repairit. Go to the “File Repair” section and hit the “Add” button. Doing so will open a browser window, allowing you to navigate to the directory where your infected files are stored. You can load multiple documents into Repairit at once.


By selecting the trash can icon next to a file’s metadata, you may delete accidentally uploaded files. You can delete all files by setting “Remove All” from the bottom menu. You may also add any other document to the program by clicking the “Add” button in the bottom panel.

Step 2: Start the repair process

You can begin the repair process by clicking the “Repair” button at the bottom once your documents are on the Repairit interface. The program will scan the loaded documents and correct minor or significant errors.

Step 3: Finish File Repair Process

On Repairit, you can monitor the status of the repair process for any file and, if you’d like, cancel it. The interface will also inform you of any files that were; fixed, are now being scanned, or are awaiting repair.


The software will inform you when the file repair procedure is over by providing the appropriate prompt. 

How many files were successfully repaired will show in a pop-up notification that will display. The successfully restored files will have a “Completed” label next to their icon.


Step 4: Preview the outcomes and save your repaired files.

When the restoration process finishes, you can select any file by clicking the “Preview” button next to its icon. This allows you to preview the results of the document repair process before saving it.


Without having to install anything, you can examine a preview of your Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF documents on Repairit’s native interface. Click the “Save” option at the bottom if you wish to export the file.

Part 4: Why You Should Use Wondershare Repairit? 

Well, there are many reasons to choose Wondershare Repairit, such as:

  • Its helpful features, such as batch repair, which allows you to fix several corrupted files simultaneously, increase your work efficiency. 
  • To ensure the file meets your criteria, you can preview it before saving it.
  • One factor that differentiates Wondershare Repairit from its rivals is its file repairing success rate. 
  • This file repair software is best recognized for its ability to restore videos, and it has also made a name for itself by successfully restoring other file types. 
  • There is a significant difference between the features and price of Wondershare Repairit and other software when you compare the features, and it outshines others in the market.


Part 5: How to Avoid Excel File Corruption?

Save Excel Files Correctly: If Excel files are not saved correctly, whether due to improper software shutdown, a hardware failure, a virus or malware attack, or improper program shutdown, the result can be corrupted Excel files.

Also, you might have been unable to save the spreadsheet successfully due to a Microsoft Office or Excel program flaw. 

Or it may not have been recognized or read appropriately due to corrupt or faulty sectors on your hard disk or storage device.

So, avoid the incorrect saving of excel files and check if your Microsoft Office is working smoothly. 

Avoid forced shutdown and install an anti-virus program on your PC.

Part 6: Other Exciting Features of Repairit

Other exciting features of Wondershare Repairit include:

  • Easily restore your original audio, video, and photo files regardless of the source 
  • It can repair your files from typical technical scenarios 
  • It supports all commonly used formats.
  • Preview files before saving them.


Although Repairit is most famous for its video repair feature, it is also helpful in restoring data in other formats. Also, because of its high recovery rate, you can rely on its services to repair corrupted excel files without losing or compromising on the quality or content. With its many valuable functions, Wondershare Repairit can fix any audio, video, document, or image damaged little or significantly. You won’t be let down, we guarantee it!


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