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How to Recover Damaged/Lost Files: Best File Recovery tool

Best Data Recovery Software of 2023 for Windows


Did you accidentally delete a word document permanently and find it challenging to get it back? Check out this free data recovery software for details!


On a Windows system, an erased word document might linger on your device for a long time. Windows logically delete files based on how you use your computer and indicates that the space the file occupies is open for rewriting. Although the file is physically there, neither users nor the software can see it. They are inaccessible using Windows Explorer. How to recover permanently lost files on Windows might be facilitated by using a workaround or free data recovery software.

On Windows, there are several ways to carry out word document recovery. Therefore, we present to you in this article a thorough explanation of Wondershare Recoverit and how to use Recoverit to restore data on your Mac or Windows 10/11 computer in its original format. 

Part 1: What Causes Word File Damage or Loss and How to recover commonly? 

Corrupt Word documents include data flaws that make it impossible for Word to open them properly. Word may be able to fix corrupt files in certain situations but not in others. You will need to restore from a backup or download the file again if the damage is irreparable. The majority of corruption happens when a file abruptly shuts while being saved. One should have a deeper grasp of why corrupted files occur in the first place to correct them. Your Windows files may become corrupt for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Power Surges: An abrupt increase in power might damage Windows system files. To safeguard your PC, use a surge regulator.
  • The abrupt loss of power: If the power to your computer suddenly stops and the battery drains more quickly while it is disconnected, this may also result in damaged data.
  • System Crash: Corrupt system files may cause a crash; if your system crashes, your files may also become corrupted.
  • Update mistakes: When upgrading your system, you risk having corrupted data due to flaws.
  • Mismatched Versions: When a file is downloaded or installed in the incorrect version.
  • Infected files or viruses: Malware and viruses target system files.
  • Hard disk issue: File corruption risks rise if your PC’s hard drive becomes clogged with garbage files or bloatware.

Common ways to solve damaged or lost word document includes;

  • Via Backup: Backup and Restore is a brand-new function in Windows 10 and 11. Users have the option to back up their data so they may recover it later if necessary. You must activate the feature on your Windows device to restore permanently deleted data using Backup and Restore.
  • Via Restore Previous Version: The “File History” option in Windows 10 and 11 is another helpful feature that makes it easy to recover permanently deleted data. You might use it to recover permanently destroyed data without extra software if you activate the option before deleting a document.
  • Via System Restore: You may use a System Restore to retrieve irreversibly lost data using Windows 10 or 11. Because System Restore regularly (automatically) takes snapshots of your whole OS, you may roll back any unintended modifications to your system by rolling it back to an earlier period.

Part 2: Wondershare Recoverit: Best Free Data Recovery Software

You may quickly recover irreversibly lost photographs using Wondershare Recoverit, which is a terrific solution. 

  • Recoverit is a strong picture recovery program that you can never invest in and is well-known for recovering lost images, movies, and audio data. 
  • It also has a host of over 35 distinct patents. 
  • Recoverit is one of the most famous and often-used image recovery programs for retrieving data from your devices, like digital cameras, SD cards, external hard drives, etc. 
  • It can help in recovering images in practically all file types, including films, files, audio, emails, and JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD, and RAW photographs. 

Most significantly, you do not need to gain prior experience or knowledge of data recovery tools. Even a novice can recover images, movies, and other media types from their devices thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface.


To learn more about Wondershare Recoverit, download it now and try it for free.

Part 3: Using Wondershare Recoverit for Word File Recovery

Now, let us learn how to use this free data recovery software to get back missing files on your PC.


Step 1: Run Recoverit and Click Start

To recover lost Word documents on your PC after installing and starting the application, go to the disk where you previously lost your documents and click “Start” to find missing files.

Step 2: Wait for the System Scanning

There will be an immediate scan. A deep scan might help you locate missing data more thoroughly if a cursory check shows no files you require.

Step 3: Recover Lost Files

You may see the content of your Word documents when the scan is complete before recovering them. To save them all at once, choose the ones you wish to save and click “Recover” at the top.

Note: Stop keeping the recovered Word files in their original location. You may search for a second drive or partition to store them safely.

Part 4: Why Wondershare Recoverit is Recommended? 

One of the most known companies in the market for PC utilities and creative tools is Wondershare. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Wondershare Recoverit is considered one of the best recovery software packages. Video restoration solutions and bootable recovery tools are also advantageous if you are ready to pay for higher tiers of data recovery software. It has a substantial collection of hidden functions that can recover photographs and videos behind the data recovery software’s superb user interface. Many positive aspects of it are apparent on paper. Whether you run your own business or need data recovery for personal files, this free data recovery software is easy to download, and everyone can start using it immediately. The quantity of information stored on computers, pictures, and movies nowadays is unparalleled. With Recoverit, you can protect that information, making sure you won’t mistakenly lose it or let someone else steal it from you. 


Part 5: Other Exciting Features of Wondershare Recoverit

Apart from word document recovery, Recoverit has other exciting features you should know about. Check out the pricing section since the components could change based on your chosen plan.

  • It uses a robust data recovery algorithm and clever and deep scanning technologies to scan all memory cards, hard disks, detachable drives, flash drives, and digital cameras and camcorders. 
  • It also rescues data from your trash bin. Additionally, you may retrieve recordings you never thought you’d see again by using video fragment technology.
  • Wondershare Recoverit is an excellent tool for recovering data after a malware or virus assault since it is secure and comes with a virus-free warranty.


Recoverit data recovery provided the impression that recovering irreparably damaged photos was straightforward, with only a few clicks and an astoundingly high recovery rate. The most significant benefit of Wondershare Recoverit is that you may try it out without spending any money to see whether it can recover your data. Additionally, you may use previews to check that your downloaded file is not corrupt. To sum up, the Recoverit free data recovery software is a high-quality product.

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