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Eleven-year-olds reportedly asked if they’re gender fluid by non-binary librarian at school event

Another middle school has jumped on the LGBTQ indoctrination bandwagon. This time it’s Hastings Middle School of the Upper Arlington School district in Ohio.

Unbeknownst to parents, Hasting’s 6th grade English Language Arts (ELA) teachers teamed up with the Upper Arlington Public Library and invited youth librarian, Alexx Burris, to make recommendations for books related to the classes’ reading theme “Coming of Age.”

During the presentation, Burris reportedly recommended 9 books in total but focused on two books. Most notably, Anna on the Edge whose main character is introduced to and explores her gender fluidity. According to a parent whose child was present for the discussion, the youth librarian proceeded to identify herself as non-binary and proceeded to question the children on their understanding of the terms non-binary and transgender.

According to parents, during at least one of the presentations Buris asked whether any children in the room thought they might be a different gender and whether they have a safe place to discuss these thoughts at home. The teachers, Hastings library staff, and aides allowed the presentations to continue in each of the 5 Language Arts class periods. Understandably, several parents called the school to voice their concerns.

“[We need to let this] community know what is happening within our schools. Because right now, there are a lot of parents that have no idea what their kids are being exposed to on a daily basis. Adults need to start protecting our children from this constant bombardment of gender confusion and sexuality,” said one frustrated parent from the school.

These parents have every right to be frustrated, their children are being targeted by two publicly funded institutions. Their tax dollars were not intended to be spent on public services aimed at confusing and sexualizing their children behind their backs.

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