Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 November 2022

What about Rachel Chandler?

Balenciaga’s booking agent linked to a cocktail of conspiracies involving the Standard Hotel, Marina Abramovic, Epstein, Clinton and Hollywood’s penchant for child trafficking

Despite what critics say, I do have standards regarding what conspiracies I entertain in print.

It’s why I threw out my Rachel Chandler folder last week. In attempt to minimize fringe storylines cluttering up my desktop. The last thing I need right now is anymore distractions. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re drowning in bombshell plots weirdly connecting and intertwining. I figured Rachel Chandler was a level 5 conspiracy (Qanon rooted) that I could easily do without, even though Chandler was a rabbit hole I fell into last year with gripping force while researching Epstein’s modeling agency.

Balenciaga’s grotesque holiday campaign, paying homage to pedophilia, is forcing us to reconsider everything through a newly jaded lens, though. Level-five conspiracies included. I know we, as a public, are outraged, but celebrities (who actually wear and promote this brand) remain silent. Insinuating – to a degree – they’re ok with it.

Is it because they are encouraged to overlook it, or worse — engage in it?

Industry complicity strikes again. The common theme weaving the Weinstein trial to the Maxwell case. Power, operating above morale and fear of consequence, thanks to industries who exploit, protect and facilitate a culture of abuse.

How hard is it to come forth and condemn the sexualization of children in fashion? I don’t care how many of these stupid leather catsuits and suffocating head masks they’re sending you, how can you not step forward and say this is unacceptable?

Like, how depraved are these people?

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