Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 November 2022

No life, no future and no sympathy – desperate plight of a vaccine injured teacher

This is the second in our occasional series of personal accounts written by Covid-19 vaccine-injured people. These are men and women who, from the moment they started to suffer from and reported serious adverse reactions, have felt abandoned by the NHS, experts and professionals. Today, 47 year old Clare McHugh, previously fully fit and working full time as a teacher, recounts how she lost her home, her job and her health to the jabs.

IN APRIL 2021 I had my AstraZeneca jab, ‘doing the right thing’ to protect myself and my family. I was a full-time teacher, fully fit: gym and swim three times a week. That Friday night I had a severe headache and tiredness.

By Monday morning, I couldn’t dress because of vertigo, nausea and migraines. By Thursday, my employer suggested I go to A&E as I’d been absent. A&E were concerned about my blood pressure and clots given that I’d had AZ. I was sent home and told to rest. I continued to be unable to work or function. In early May the GP sent for an ambulance from the surgery as my heart rate was 150 bpm at rest.

In the High Dependency Unit, I was asked after nine hours if I’d taken drugs as it was abnormal to have a heart rate and blood pressure like mine. I answered no and was discharged. Four days later I was back there via an ambulance, having blacked out trying to have a shower. The doctors were alarmed by my BP and HR again and gave me an analgesic. I was discharged.

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