Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 27 November 2022

Naturopathic Medicine has been Compromised as Canadian College of “Naturo-Pathetic” Medicine Coerced the Vaccine Hesitant into Getting the Fake Jab

Dr. Jason Loken made a video discussing why he chose to leave the College of Ontario Naturopaths as their actions have fallen out of alignment with the core principles of naturopathic medicine. He shared a letter published by the Canadian College of “Naturo-pathetic” Medicine titled, “Improving Immunization through Vaccine Administration by Regulated Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario”. Among the authors of the paper, was none other than Bob Bernhardt, the then president and CEO of the college. The funny thing is Bob is not a doctor nor has any medical qualifications whatsoever.

The issue Dr. Loken had with the paper was the wording, for example,

“Equipping properly trained naturopathic doctors to provide vaccinations could be a significant step forward in convincing many vaccine-hesitant individuals to be vaccinated against COVID-19″

Dr. Loken feels this is more of manipulation and coercion. The word “convincing” does not belong in naturopathic medicine as vaccine hesitant patients do not need to be persuaded into getting something that they already decided they don’t want. Dr. Loken explained that naturopaths are never supposed to impose their will and convince patients to do something that they don’t want to do.

Some people were already uncomfortable to begin with for getting the untested unproven gene editing injection, therefore they did not need convincing.

CONO (College of Naturopaths of Ontario) made it clear that naturopaths aren’t allowed to discuss COVID-19 matters, including vaccinations. The challenge Dr. Loken felt is that patients had many questions, but there was a moral dilemma for naturopaths of risking losing their license versus providing patients with the information they were inquiring about. People were only getting a very narrow range of information thanks to mainstream media, and the cult-owned scientific community.

The other thing was naturopaths were not allowed to discuss alternative treatments such as vitamin C injections and vitamin D,  because according to CONO, COVID-19 is volatile in nature so it was unknown on whether such treatments would be safe and effective. This is despite the fact that numerous research was published on the effectiveness of vitamin D against COVID infection.

Again, the moral dilemma for naturopaths was to keep their mouths shut fearing ceasing of their license or share important information with their patients. What drew the line was the lowering of the age for intervention where children were being required to get an unproven gene injection.

So Dr. Loken, along with colleagues, created Follow Your Oath, where he and other naturopaths would bring to awareness information and research, most of which was already available to the general public, but was not getting attention on mainstream media. They knew the risks, and all of them eventually got investigated by CONO for professional misconduct in sharing COVID misinformation.

Instead of apologizing and selling out, Dr. Loken deciding to resign. His example shows that you don’t have to be part of the collective, you don’t have to adopt the beehive mentality.




The Canadian College of “Naturo-pathetic” Medicine, along with the other naturopathic schools in North America, continue to enforce inhumane policies which basically forces students to get vaccinated else they cannot complete the degree. Despite being private institutions, they chose to go along with the crowd and parrot the mainstream narrative.

Osteopathic medicine tries to use less invasive treatments leaving drugs and surgery as a last resort. However, most curriculums in the United States contain very little training in osteopathic manipulation and other techniques. The curriculum has become virtually identical to an MD curriculum at most schools. Most Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, simply practice with conventional allopathic medicine rather than incorporate osteopathy. The same has already happened in naturopathic medicine where schools like Canadian College of “Naturo-pathetic” Medicine, seek to copycat medical schools in a desperate attempt to gain acceptance rather than sticking to the roots of naturopathy. They have fallen off the path of the light, and have instead chosen the dark side.

Homeopathy may be removed from the curriculum soon in favor of bogus courses to appease bureaucrats. What used to be a real alternative for patients has now become part of the cesspit of monotony.

It is very unfortunate for the public as some seek naturopaths as a last resort when all other treatments have failed. They will be very disappointed as the new breed of naturopaths are nothing more than “Woke” brainwashed parrots practicing politically correct medicine.

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