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The no car agenda: Huge ULEZ expansion confirmed as Sadiq Khan says all of these areas of London will get £12.50 daily charge

“I’ve decided to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) so it covers all of London – essentially for three reasons: we need to be tackling air pollution, we need to be tackling the climate emergency and we need to be tackling congestion. The expansion will mean from August 29 next year, more than five million Londoners will be breathing cleaner air.” Mayor Sadiq Khan’s words could not be clearer as he unveils one of his biggest policy decisions in his six years as Mayor of London so far.

Following public consultation, he has signed a mayoral decision to expand the £12.50 ULEZ daily charge for the most polluting vehicles to 99 per cent of the capital’s roads. It means from August 2023, the ULEZ boundary will move from the North and South Circular roads to the current LEZ boundary, which roughly follows the boundary of the Greater London area, right up to the M25 in many places. This is despite fierce opposition, with an independent report showing four times the people who commented in the TfL consultation opposed than supported it.

City Hall says the measure is a result of research which shows that ULEZ so far has helped reduce roadside pollution levels by 44 per cent in central London and 20 per cent in Inner London. The mayor wants Outer Londoners to feel its purported benefits too as he says: “The 10 boroughs with the largest number of premature deaths per year [due to poor air quality] are all in Outer London: Bromley 204, Barnet 201, Croydon 196, Havering 178, Ealing 165, Enfield 164, Bexley 162, Hillingdon 155, Brent 149, Redbridge 142. These are people, these are families who are grieving at the loss of a loved one and I think doing nothing is not an option for me.”

In order to alleviate some of the concerns highlighted during the controversial public consultation over the ULEZ expansion City Hall is going to introduce the following measures, principally aimed at ensuring the ULEZ expansion on top of the cost of living crisis does not leave Outer Londoners out of pocket:

-A £110million scrappage scheme will allow outer Londoners to scrap non-compliant vehicles and get either a small grant plus up to two free annual bus and tram passes (a larger overall financial package) or a grant to retrofit their vehicles (a smaller overall financial package)

-Disabled people will get a longer grace period of up to October 2027 to make any changes to vehicles, and non-profit organisations will get up to October 2025

-The £10 Auto-Pay registration charge will be removed from January 2023 so motorists can sign up for the charging system for free

-The biggest expansion of the TfL bus network in Outer London ever, with one million extra kilometres progressively added to the network. Some of this will be new routes, some will be via extra buses on important Outer London ‘orbital’ bus routes and some will be sent out to public consultation by TfL. It will include two routes which will use the Silvertown Tunnel from 2025 when it opens.

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