Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 November 2022

New Zealand’s Covidians Continue to Lie and Cover up the Very Real Worries About ‘Covid’ Injections Surfacing in Official Sources

Even the most timid amongst us, fearful of visiting the internet, might have noticed that the vaccine doesn’t actually work, but Baker, in a kid gloves interview with Sean Plunket of The Platform, reassured us all that the mRNA biotech vaccine was still protecting us from serious illness and death. Is this misleading us?

The incredibly pro-vaccine Washington Post varies from Baker. It has now finally stopped holding the line. It headlines with ‘It’s no longer a pandemic of the unvaccinated’. It reports that even the US CDC, with a lack of a centralised health system and with its penchant for figures that exaggerate vaccine effectiveness, are roughly estimating that 58% of Americans who died from Covid in August are vaccinated. So, the vaccinated are dying of Covid contrary to the Baker doctrine. Unbelievably, like Baker, the Post thinks this means we need more vaccines???

The UK ONS, who, unlike the CDC, are considered to compile accurate figures which cover countrywide Covid stats, is painting a much bleaker picture. In 2022 there have been 41,000 excess all-cause deaths since April 1st. No official statement has endorsed any cause, but the figures are telling. Mortality per 100,000 population has been lowest among the unvaccinated for every month in 2022 that ONS figures are currently available (see chart). The implication is obvious.

Raw figures released by the NZ MoH paint a picture of deaths that is consistent with the US and UK figures, the boosted are disproportionately affected by Covid deaths (see chart), but Baker has chosen to pass over these figures.

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